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Comment Re:closed source language (Score 1) 1077

I am wrong to call it tragic for an entire parallel world of code, ideas, and art to exist which is inaccessible to me due to a language barrier? What a monumental redundancy of labour in the case of code, and what a terrible waste of creative force in the case of art, for us not all to be able to experience the same things. As a consequence the peoples of the earth will remain more separate than they could be, and more bizarre and alien to each other. And that is to everyone's detriment.

Comment The real problem is with the customer service (Score 1) 322

The real problem here, I think, is the customer service. A company is too big for its britches when it is no longer possible to get ahold of someone there to take action on a technical issue. I realize that they have to ignore people without hotlines to their technical department or else spend enormous time filtering out feedback from morons.. but when they do this, they lose the asset of feedback from experts like us.

I wish there was a way to get certified as a Smart Guy so that you got a secret login to a hotline website where subscriber companies could get in contact with you in order to receive your feedback about their systems.

Comment Re:libertarian (Score 2, Insightful) 143

Well, we are supposed to assume, as a starting point for these kinds of discussions, that voting is good and that more accurate elections are more good. If this goodness is overwhelmed by the tragedy of the votes being cast by imbeciles for malicious people, then that is a problem to solve another day.

But quite apart from all that, it is also generally assumed that support for an election is more important than which particular candidate is elected. A more accurate election facilitates belief in the democratic process which keeps countries from dissolving into chaos or autocracy.

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