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Comment Re:Yes but... (Score 1) 57

I was gonna use the PI as a network storage device, chaining 3 or 4 external usb hard drives to it via powered usb hub, and it worked and all but the PI is soooooo slow the transfer rate would dip down to 5K-10K/sec over LAN when trying to save a large file or copy a large file from it to desktop.

I think you are doing something wrong. I'm getting 8-9 MB/s using SMB shares on an external USB HDD (whcih also contains the root fs).

Check out this thread to get some pointers:

Comment Don't use meaningful names! (Score 1) 429

Don't use meaningful names! Instead use a number scheme. Call your servers Z000001, Z000002, etc. That way you don't have to change servername when the server changes function, location, etc. (if that's how you previously named your servers).

If you really need different names then create a DNS Alias/CName.

Comment Re:Ugly (Score 1) 216

I use and cannot see why anybody would use Everything is just headlines. In iGoogle you at least get to read the start of the article/rss-feed before you proceed. How many times haven't you clicked on a headline and got disappointed when you discovered the article was about something completely different from what you expected?

I know google tracks me but I don't mind when I get something in return. In this case a useful feature...

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