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Comment Router (Score 1) 49

I previously had a router that often shat its pants and reset to default configuration. Of course, its default was open/no password.
As all my devices could still work it often took me a while to notice.
As I lived in a built up area, who knows what others were downloading on my unsecured WiFi hotspot?
Should I be liable for /all/ of it??

A good ruling...

Comment Re:I don't use my car to cross the Atlantic... (Score 1) 155

Actually I think you are wrong. Not because of any desire to support Linux but out of a desire by developers to support linux but a desire to protect themselves from a Microsoft own online store monopoly. Microsoft are clearly looking to create a store that is there by default in every windows install. What published won't want is to be held over a barrel to sell to windows. If 10% of the market is linux and there is a platform, ie steam, that lets you sell to that market, then the game will support it.

This will however only happen as the next generation of game engines are released.

Besides, MS only wants to cross the EU so many times. If MS 'encourages' an MS store so much it manages to oust Steam, the EU will come down on them again...

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