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Comment Knowledge sharing (Score 1) 197

It might be through the technical track, or it might be through networking, but you may learn how to do something you have always done one way, in a different, better way. OR you may tell somebody else the cool thing that you have done, and they think 'Wow thats so much better than our existing process!'
The sharing of idea's can pay off handsomely.

Comment Does not offer 100% protection (Score 1) 119

On the product page there is a link to a youtube video - at 00:26 it says 'And protect them from malware" the bottom of the video in small writing it ALSO says 'Core does not give you 100% protection' - does that mean I dont have to give you 100% of my subscription fee if malware gets through?

Comment 1 of 3 things will happen if this comes to pass (Score 1) 207

if its on windows and decently good at checking torrents by traffic signature, either A) people will just not install the update, or B) a new file sharing protocol will become popular. if its no good at checking torrents via traffic, could you just rename the file to something else and use it that way?

Comment Landlord is already getting paid the market rate (Score 0) 197

why should they care if the tenant is making some money? if they do care so much, why not offer the apartment as an airbnb stay location themselves? looks like they want to get paid AND not have the hassle of having to manage it - in that case, does it make the renter an employee and are they entitled to payment?

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