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Comment Single Player Games Abound (Score 1) 292

There are plenty of single player games out there. All this fussing is unnecessary.

Also, a lot of comments overly exaggerate the multiplayer's negative experience. I understand that there are a lot of douchebags out there but just because you've run into one of them doesn't mean that everyone who enjoys multiplayer games is going give you a world of grief.

Comment Re:the Putin stage (Score 1) 294

Not caused by banks? So all those bank executives who were bundling up bad mortgages together and selling them as premium mortgages so that they could make made money off of bad investments had absolutely nothing to with it.

I'm going to just make a wild guess and say that you know nothing about what actually happened.

Comment Re:What about me? (Score 2) 533

I don't care if someone acts like a "cunt" or is "argumentative" if they make valid points and can get me to stop being a stubborn idiot who's going to screw shit up. I'd rather that the job got done right, despite my own fail-able self. Fight me when I'm wrong or I don't want you on my team.

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