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Comment Re:Happens every time (Score 1) 375

In the end the reason why this was the correct thing to do is that if he had come one day with a gun and started shooting people the school would be blamed for not realizing that something was going on. School shootings are very serious and the school staff should be proud of properly preventing it.

What a ridiculous and extreme response to a kid having a little fun. Total nonsense. He was engaging in satire of our advertising inundated culture. And it's his parents responsibility, not the schools, to discipline him, if any was necessary. Total breach of both parental and individual rights. (Assuming the young person is under 18 and living at home) I guess they're just being typically Canadian, North America's socialist nightmare.

Comment Re:What will they grind? (Score 1) 153

In DS9, the ultimate goal of a Ferengi was to own one or more of your own planet(s). It was considered the ultimate sign of wealth. Plus, in the TREK universe, there was no actual money, only credits and a supposed gift based economy. One that frustrated many a writer when it became obvious such a concept doesn't really work. So they used the Ferengi as an 'out' to have actual commerce on the show. Since no Federation systems could do what ever they wanted. Much to the consternation of the hardcore Trek faithful. (Me not being one of them, hehehe).

Comment Re:Is it just me... (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Similarities, yes, copy? No. It was Paramount at the time, before CBS bought them. Trek was always syndicated until the last one "Enterprise". The guy who created B5 is also the guy who created the hit series Murder She Wrote, and B5 was very much along the lines of a 5 year whodunit. Not that that is a bad thing, but DS9 was more about the characters themselves and how the Federation wasn't so 'perfect' as it was portrayed in previous series. Part of the enjoyment I got from the series was how it pissed off all the Trek Nazis, er faithful who felt it betrayed Roddenberry's vision of an atheist Utopian gift based economy. I enjoyed both series. I think the mid to late 90's was sort of the golden age of episodic sci fi. But just like westerns in the 60s, it all got over done, over exposed and the general public got tired of the genre. The low budget crap the gets on the scifi network not with standing. (with the exception of Warehouse 13).

Comment Re:Is it just me... (Score 1) 153

DS9 was arguably the best of all the series. TNG was just an extension of Roddenberrys 'hippies in space' archetypes. Always doing the politically correct thing and solving all problems with a quick sub routine. blah. Voyager was just bad writing, even after the borg got involved. And the finale was possibly with lamest of any scifi series. Enterprise? I think most people simply had had enough Trek for awhile. By the 3d season when the writing finally got good, it was too late So yes, it's just you..

Browser-Based Deep Space Nine MMO Coming In 2011 153

A publisher based in Germany has announced Star Trek: Infinite Space, a browser MMO based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The game will be free-to-play, and it's planned for sometime in 2011. "Gameforge also contracted Michael Okuda, who served as scenic art supervisor for every live-action Star Trek series except for the original program, as a consultant. His wife Denise Okuda, who was a video supervisor and scenic artist for several of the sci-fi series' films and shows, will serve as a consultant, too."

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