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Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 937

So the "bulk" cost about be a bout $300/kilogram which is about 30 cents a gram. A 10,000% markup is a bit extreme, but lets go with it. So above someone mentions that you should be able to get some 75,000 miles on that one gram. An extra 1-2k just doesn't seem like that huge of a deal if I NEVER need to buy gas again.

Comment Re:Not Solaris - SunOS (Score 1) 412

Super modern touch screen? IIRC there was a similar system in the original TRON in Dillinger's desk. Also if you check up on it the touch screen technology we use today was developed in the 70's!

Comment Re:Oblig Rodney Dangerfield (Score 1) 216

well if you look at all of human history strict monogamy is the exception, not the rule.

Personally I trust that when my significant other is with someone else she'll come back to me soon enough.

I prefer that trust to believing that everyone around me is keeping to some archaic rule set. Trust in one person is far better than trust in hundreds of thousands.

Comment Re:Oblig Rodney Dangerfield (Score 1) 216

But can we not overcome the need for these long-standing safety rules with modern materials and a slight bit of fore thought? Rather than teaching children and immature adults only the these rules delivered from on high solely by fiat, one could say "this is optimal for safety, however there are many other options as well, so long as you practice these safety procedures consistently you will be safe"?

Is there really a good reason why we should stick solely with rules that are a thousand years old?

If so then should we not follow all of them? Do I get to start stoning people?


Comment Re:The title (Score 1) 341

If only the constitution could force people to read and understand it, more people wouldn't make the same mistake the GP makes.

But then again, given the power many corporations have over our lives maybe most people don't see much of a difference between the US Government and Corporations?



Submission + - Hotels the industry leader in credit card theft. (

katarn writes: A study released this year found that 38 percent of the credit card hacking cases last year involved the hotel industry. At hotels with inadequate data security, the greatest amount of credit card information can be obtained using the most simplified methods. It doesn’t require brilliance on the part of the hacker. Most of the chronic security breaches in the hotel industry are the result of a failure to equip, or to properly store or transmit this kind of data, and that starts with the point-of-sale credit card swiping systems.

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