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Adobe Adds GPU Acceleration To Creative Suite 4 246

arcticstoat writes "GPU computing has just taken a major step into the world of mainstream software development, as Adobe has now released a GPU-accelerated version of its Creative Suite, comprising Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Both Premiere Pro and After Effects only support GPU features on Nvidia's professional range of Quadro GPUs, but Photoshop CS4 allows GPU acceleration on any mainstream GPU that supports Shader Model 3.0 (such as Nvidia's GeForce 6200 series of GPUs). Built on OpenGL, Photoshop CS4's GPU features allow real-time rotation of images and accelerated zooming and panning. As well as this, Photoshop CS4 also uses the GPU for anti-aliasing on text and objects, and it can tap the GPU for brushstroke previews, HDR tone mapping and colour conversion."

Submission + - Change of Government in Australia 2

MorningBright writes: "The conservative Liberal Party has been knocked out of power for the first time in ten years. Kevin Rudd will replace John Howard as prime minister in what has been the second largest swing against a party since the end of world war 2. He has made promises to sign the Kyoto protocol, scrap controversial workplace laws, withdraw troops from Iraq, fund 'fiber to the node' internet infrastructure and increase education funding. In addition, the Greens party has gained enough seats to play a balance of power role in the government and is expected to push it's environmental agenda."

Submission + - Falling into the Vista trap

laejoh writes: BBC business editor tries out Vista and asks himself: So would I do it again?

The answer is no. Do what I originally had planned to do. Wait for half a year until the driver issues are settled and then buy a new PC.

You will probably enjoy Vista, but there's little reason to do it the hard way.

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