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Comment One solution for under-performing colleague (Score 1) 149

Only solution for the under-performing colleague problem is acceptance of different skill and engagement levels. It's very hard to deal with it, but people knowing how to accept and live with it is the only solution.
The alternative is giving you better colleagues, but then you might start upsetting them. In any group there will be under-performers.

Comment Browser extensions make this irrelevant (Score 1) 118

Stylish is the most popular extension to do that in every website (as well as other css themes). I'm using the dark mode of /. now.
For youtube there are other extensions as well.
It's strange that the few options a website gives you to see itself is considered "news". Specially since there are tools that give you many more options.

Comment Re:As on Reddit (Score 1) 208

A paid user of what?

If you are going to accuse people of stuff, don't pretend you don't know what we are talking about. That's just dumb.

I wrote the whole comment and searched the links to point to you. I did not expect a response, just wanted to inform you that the complains about Reddit go the other way too.

You are an asshole to assume I'm lying about my origin. I explicitly pointed out where I'm from. OTOH, I have no doubts about your origin. This kind of dumb asshole only breeds in America.
It's clear I was wrong to assume good faith in you.

Comment Re:As on Reddit (Score 1) 208

It is very interesting to see this kind of comment (I'm assuming you are not trolling or a paid user). If you check on what happened on Reddit against the Trump supporters and on censoring good part of what was being discovered on the Wikileaks files you will see a very different narrative.

I'm not American (Brazilian), but for various reasons that are irrelevant here I was against Hillary in your elections (remember that the US does interfere in every country, eg. your president decides if we get to keep the president we elect - we didn't). Also irrelevant, but I had preferred candidates in Ds, Rs and Greens.

Boards were having rules changed to ban posts by Trump supporters and users. Posts that were mere reproductions of what was being discovered in WL dumps were being prevented from getting to front page, etc. At a point the banning and the censorship of facts (I'm talking WL, not "alternative facts" or bogus intelligence reports) was so serious that there was a lot of talk about where people should go to do the collective work of going through the data and publishing the discoveries without censorship.
Before the election I used to browse Reddit for news. By the end of the election I had completely lost my faith in Reddit as a place to look for information, they are as good as Imgur right now. Fun for memes, interesting for the occasional research post, but will hide the serious stuff.

There was one day when FP didn't have any of the news in every major newspaper in the world, including the Hillary supporting ones like NYT and WP. I'm sorry but I couldn't find the post showing that, here are some posts to support some of my claims, from r/The_Donald, r/SandersForPresident and r/undelete. (even today WL is being modded out)

Comment Re:How to Google? (Score 2) 228

Read about Weev. He was sued and got jail time. He didn't even publish the flaw itself, just gave proof it existed to journalists. This would be much more serious.
On getting a clue, the Wikileaks "secret" indictment is common knowledge. Everybody knew about it for years when Google informed some people about the seizure of their emails because of that investigation. US officials routinely reply to questions about Wikileaks saying they can't discuss it because of an ongoing investigation. Assange is not attainable now, there is no reason to bring the charges against him, this doesn't mean they will not be sued. After all, they are not Clinton.

Comment What about CC non commercial? (Score 1) 555

From their FAQ:

How do I get LBRY credits
Host content: see Hosting for details. Note that hosting requires the LBRY app, which is currently open to beta testers only.
While the LBRY app is running, it communicates to the network what content you're making available. If somebody downloads content from you, you will recieve LBRY credits (LBC) for that. The prices are currently set by the app and can't be changed.

So either this is a for profit model of "sharing" CC non commercial content (selling for their coin that is exchangeable), or the description on their website is incorrect/incomplete and people don't earn credits when they upload content with the price set to free.
We need a torrent for these files.

Comment Re:Where's the class action lawsuit about "limitle (Score 1) 60

if everyone streamed HD youtube all day nobody would get any data at all

Your math skills are lacking. If everyone did that, everyone would be getting as much as possible from their unlimited plans, that's a lot of data.
His solution is obvious, split it evenly between all the customers, without penalizing any of them unequally. In order to provide more bandwidth better technology and coverage might be necessary.

Comment Re:how would we know? (Score 1) 447

I did download it before the release of the keys, it was super fast. I have a decent fiber connection.
After seeing your comment I checked and realized that I was not uploading it, even though it's my last torrent (my usual upload speed is between 500k to 1mb at the moment I checked it was around 600k).
So I decided to pause all the other uploads to give it a boost.
It's not uploading.

But really, for now you are good just reading most of it on most documents are available there, and a lot of stuff will be released only after the patches.

Comment Re:how would we know? (Score 1) 447

1. The Russians would waste tools they have?
2. In ten years no false document was published by Wikileaks.
2.1 Do you think the Russians would be able to fool them? On this scale?
2.2 Do you think they would waste this kind of credibility when there is so much shit coming from the US anyway?

Recently it became a common place to doubt vetted documents coming from Wikileaks, while taking WP's anonymous sources without documents for absolute truth tellers, and to blame everything on Russia.

But even though your hypothesis doesn't sound compelling to me, the answer to your question is investigate. The US has some legal framework to investigate the executive branch. Let's hope security researchers investigate some stuff too. There is a lot of time before CCC.

Comment Re:Interesting timing re Trump's claims (Score 1) 447

The point is that he was Obama's Director of National Intelligence. Yes, Obama's administration was full of lies, and we could not, and did not trust them or anything they said without serious proof, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be held accountable for their lies while on office.

Comment Re:Interesting timing re Trump's claims (Score 2) 447

The question isn't about the spy capabilities. It's about whether these tools are used without logging and review by elected officials from the Congressional security committees.

That might be one of the questions for Americans, but the vast majority of the world and of CIA's victims isn't American. Wikileaks isn't American either. This information matters much more for the rest of the world than it does to the American democracy. We can count in one hand the number of Americans drone murdered. Compare that to Pakistanis.
Most of the American public doesn't care about mass murder outside of America and think all this capabilities and uses are fine as long as it's legal and there is congressional review.

Did you get the old news about the innocent that was kidnapped by the CIA in Italy, delivered to be tortured in Egypt, and suffered for 4 years? None of the American criminals went to jail. The 22000 American IP addressees in this publication should be the least of the world's concerns.

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