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Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 0) 846

Ok, I'm sorry but I'll have to work. Go look further on the Ukranian thing if you are willing. It was some time ago, I read at the time, so I couldn't find more relevant links in a short time. There were American financed NGOs, trade deals to disrupt relations with Russia, the NATO threat, and the pro-US president screwing the country to cause the "resentment over 50 years of Russian hegemony " (do you honestly think there would be a "government turnover" if the people were not screwed over?). If you don't think putting missiles on your border is a serious threat (and they needed the "government turnover" for that) just remember the Cuban missile crisis, and that your country considers this kind of thing a serious threat. So yes, the Russians where between having missiles on their border and invading Ukraine. If the "turnover" wasn't associated with NATO, the missiles and Yats, I wouldn't think the US was at fault. If with all those things you don't think it is, think again.
On Syria, the email in the link was from 2011.

t's certainly possible limited aid was going into this country

Read the quotes again.

on the ground (...) training opposition forces (...) commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns (...) enough media attention on a massacre, like the Ghadafi move against Benghazi

The interview about how supporting terrorists would help terrorists relates to a 2012 report by the DIA. Here is the DIA report, heavily redacted (it's just three pages out of seven pages). Before "the rise" of ISIS, the report is an intelligence alert that ISIS would happen depending on US actions. Please, at least watch the 5 minutes video with the American intelligence officer.
So, if you don't believe the Russians, you should believe at least the Americans... plus, they are saying the same thing.

Comment Re:Hillary's a witch! Burn her! (Score 3, Insightful) 846

Exactly what "piece of shit" things has she done?

Libya, Syria, Yemen (by selling weapons to the people who are bombarding them)

I'm increasingly convinced that the Donald's secret plan for quickly defeating Daesh involves nuclear weapons

According to him, it's to bomb the oil fields and to cut the money that they get from "US allies" (in reality Hillary's allies [], as they are donating for her).


when have American war crimes ever mattered much to the USA?

Oh, I see, you don't care about war crimes.

Arguable, so I do apologize. You said that American war crimes doesn't matter to the USA, not to yourself. And you worried about a nuclear attack, that proves me wrong.
But it is strange when you ignore Libya, Syria and Yemen, her threats against Iran and Russia, and then say "pretty unlikely she will do anything terrible", and also "I don't think a highly limited nuclear strike is such a terrible thing in the big picture", that's were my (apparently wrong) assumption that you don't care about war crimes came from.

Did my apologies get it right? Or there was some other misinterpretation (English is not my native language)? I realize you said that global warming might be the largest risk, but I don't see how that could relate to the points on how "piece of shit" she is. Also, it is unlikely that four years of Trump will be enough to impede "the survival of your own descendents" on the global warming side of things. Just because he is mindless, doesn't mean the rest of the world is too (including good portion of the US). We can hope he will have some opposition and some decent technical advisors.
BTW, I'm not in power to vote for him, foreigner. My survival is more likely to be ended by an American drone (for posting links from wikileaks on extremist sites like slashdot) than by American global warming.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 0) 846

user melted gave a short answer, but lets go:
1.0 - Washington's Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin
1.1 - Ukraine: One ‘Regime Change’ Too Many?
2 - Syria: From the Global Intelligence Files in 2011, about the US financing anyone available to fight against Assad (read terrorists/"rebels"), and being interested in a big humanitarian disaster. Quotes from the e-mail:

they said without saying that SOF teams (presumably from US, UK, France, Jordan, Turkey) are already on the ground focused on recce missions and training opposition forces. One Air Force intel guy (US) said very carefully that there isn't much of a Free Syrian Army to train right now anyway

So there were no rebels to train, but they were there and training them anyway.

the idea 'hypothetically' is to commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns, try to break the back of the Alawite forces, elicit collapse from within

They dont believe air intervention would happen unless there was enough media attention on a massacre, like the Ghadafi move against Benghazi. They think the US would have a high tolerance for killings as long as it doesn't reach that very public stage.

Also, there is a very interesting interview with the former head of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency):
Who is to blame for the rise of ISIL. Here is a link to the most important part: Former DIA Head Concedes US Deliberately Backed Extremists in Syria.
Finally, listen to Putin talking about the subject, most relevant part about ISIS starts around 1:30.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 4, Informative) 846

By attacking the person and not the message you are just being stupid, but since you implied that the current state of my country of origin makes me less qualified to talk about the subject, I'll answer.

Your government meddles with ours. Your country implanted a dictatorship some time ago when we were getting better, huge setback, but we got out. We had a pretty good run for 14 years (just go check anywhere), even between two world economic crises. But when our president complained (2013) that your country was violating our constitution and our human rights, your president appointed a coup specialist as ambassador. Three years later, our president was taken out of office in the same way Paraguay's one was taken when this American coup organizer was working there (through a flaw in the law that permitted legally removing the president as long as enough congressmen lied together).

So yeah, we were fixing our government but America keeps fucking us. So don't complain when people talk about it, and don't blame us for everything that happens here, we are pretty shit alone, but you help a lot. As you should know, fixing broken governments is really hard, I'm working on it too.
But if you read my previous post, that's not even the reason I care the most about your politics, personally I really dislike murder, as most people I know (including several Americans). Considering your poor options as candidates, something I relate to, I wrote "who you think", as not to give an absolute opinion on the person you should vote to, but on one issue I think you should consider to be top priority (not that employment doesn't matter). To make it clear I wasn't telling on who to vote, I also gave a very conditional advice:

If you care about anti-Americanism, vote for who you think will actually murder less

I babbled a lot in my comment, but in the end the advice that I gave was that one. Do you think it is a bad advice? Do you think the US will become a banana republic if voters think about that? If so, isn't it worth becoming one? And in the end it was a conditional advice, so if you don't care about anti-Americanism, or about murdering less, it's ok, you can do whatever you want. But I will not restrain from speaking.

Comment Re:Hillary's a witch! Burn her! (Score 3, Interesting) 846

Exactly what "piece of shit" things has she done?

Libya, Syria, Yemen (by selling weapons to the people who are bombarding them)

when have American war crimes ever mattered much to the USA?

Oh, I see, you don't care about war crimes. Then yes, she's fine, just an average politician getting bribes and corrupting the election.

I'm increasingly convinced that the Donald's secret plan for quickly defeating Daesh involves nuclear weapons

According to him, it's to bomb the oil fields and to cut the money that they get from "US allies" (in reality Hillary's allies, as they are donating for her).
But if you don't care about war crimes when it's Hillary, why care when it's Trump?

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 3, Interesting) 846

And you think it is worth fucking-over America (the globe even!) so that she is not "rewarded"?

The premise that she is not fucking-over America and the globe is wrong. She is provably already doing that.

Do you think corrupting American elections is not fucking-over America? Hell, if the Russians did as much as telling the truth to change the election results that is seem as bad. What about cheating on the elections and stripping the American people from the candidate they apparently wanted?
Isn't Libya and Syria to fuck the globe over? What about the recent weapons selling to the UAE, that are currently bombing civilians in Yemen?

If/when Trump start mass murdering we'll have a basis of comparison, but so far Clinton is the one fucking-over America and the globe.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 4, Interesting) 846

I agree that people have to be all that to be ardent Trump supporters. But as a foreigner that have seem what Hillary has been doing to Americans and to the world, as well as her threats against both Iran and Russia, I'll say you are partially wrong (on the anti-Americanism growth).

If Trump wins we will shitpost on how stupid Americans are, both because many of you are, and to shame you for having him as president.
But we'll be glad if you elect someone that doesn't finance terrorists and start proxy wars with Russia.
He is really embarrassing, but most people I know down here in Brazil think that if Trump wins it will be mostly on the "lesser of two evils" concept. We (the people I talk to) think most Americans voting on him are in a desperate attempt of doing something for your country, but don't really believe on his white supremacy speeches. Specially after the support that Sanders got and the way that the Democrats pushed Clinton. There are plenty of polls that show that most Americans (rightfully in my opinion) dislike both your candidates.

Foreigners opinions are based on discourse only right in the very beginning. Trump's speeches are not inspiring, but we won't become anti-Americans because of that (at least not for long), we'll be more anti-Americans next time you finance armed "rebels" or start a war. Just like we became more pro-Americans when you elected the constitutional lawyer against surveillance and pro-healthcare, but only for a very short time, as we quickly realized it was just another lie (and that he would spy on our entire populations in spite of international agreements and the notion that men are created equal).
Anyway, if you care about anti-Americanism, vote for who you think will actually murder less, it is in direct relation to that, not on how bigoted your presidents are.

Comment Re:Run a Tor exit node to conceal your illegal act (Score 1) 239

It doesn't make sense, smart criminals wouldn't attract the police, they would just use tor, there is no gain in running an exit node.
If the couple in question didn't unlock their notebook to prove their innocence they would face a legal battle to get it back from the State.
In the same situation, the criminal would lose his electronics and keep praying for the statute of limitations to go faster than the technology to unlock computers (or an image of his HD) with current cryptography.

Comment Apple made a point on patent trolls? Let's praise (Score 2) 84

And forget that they reduced American's product competition by enforcing the round corners patent. Let's forget that they patented the "slide to open" (like the doors). Isn't slide to open even more outrageous than ring-silencing patents? Or at least about the same?
Let's forget that they just applied for the paper bag patent

Let's forget that they are constantly buying patents to profit from them in the exact same way these "patent trolls" do. Not every patent they buy becomes a product of their own, many are buried and many are just for collecting money from others use. This was a troll vs troll situation, let's not pretend Apple was on the high moral ground.

These patents are there just to make every product cost more and destroy any competition from small companies, humanity is losing.

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 495

Neither space, power or cost are constraints and there is no advantage to the user in removing it unless you get something in return

The exact argument you made about desktops is valid for the MBP. It's a large notebook, for people that want more than the bare minimum and accept extra weight and size for that. The extra weight and size of a minuscule hole isn't much BTW. There are lighter and more powerful notebooks than the MBA that have it.

Space, power and cost aren't really a problem in the MBA either, since we are talking about a headphone jack, but since it's a device made for people that want the least possible for the maximum amount of money, it makes sense.

Comment Re: I think... (Score 0) 387

You choose to ignore international agreements when you say the things the NSA is doing to foreigners are legal. Mass surveillance of foreigners is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that the US signed.
There might be cases when the NSA is actually acting on US national security, but those cases were redacted out or not published. That happens because everything that was published was vetted by the journalists, not by Snowden himself (both the parts you agree with and the parts you disagree). The decision to tell how the NSA goes with some of their activities was made by the journalists, not by Snowden. It is worth noting that without those parts, some of the insecurity caused by the NSA would still be happening. It's strange that someone in a "nerd" website complains that we have better computer security.

Comment Re:You could be concerned about this (Score 4, Insightful) 100

Suspected terrorist in the eyes of the NSA. Is who you are saying people should stay away from.
The program is the murder of known innocents and alleged/suspected terrorists. There is no trial, they are not terrorists.

These people are in their country, they are not murdering in the US. Many of them are murdered based on metadata only, so just by saying stuff and being in the "wrong" places (in your own country) might be enough to be murdered by the US.

How does one figure if your friend who talks bad shit about the US (after his cousin was bomb murdered in the market) is a suspected terrorist in the American eyes? He says the same stuff everyone does...
If you live in a country where everyone is Muslin and everyone should hate the US (because of the killings without war), how do you tell the difference between who is normal and who is not in the eyes of the NSA?

But the worst is that you are suggesting people should be afraid in their homes, in their countries, of what they say and who they talk to, because they might just explode. Inflicting this kind of fear is what some people call terrorism.

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