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Comment Re:A couple things... (Score 1) 46

Nature is actually quite fond of electric motors (you have lots of them in every cell in the form of ATP Synthase, and they're used by bacteria to drive flagella etc.) but has apparently not found them useful for maneuvering around inside a cell.


Apart from from myosin 1 an ATP powered 'motor' that moves intra cellular vesicles around within almost every cell!

Oh and they use ATP so are ATP hydrolysers not synthases

Comment Re:Caffeine is a drug.. (Score 3, Informative) 212

The other effects like jitters and palpitations is probably harmful to the heart in the long term

Caffeine (at high) doses can cause heart problems much more acutely. We have shown that 0.3mM caffeine (equivalent to ~2.3g*) can modify the activity of a protein in the heart sufficiently to mimic the effect of herditary mutations capable of causing fatal arrhythmias and that effect is quick (within mins).

*Based on an average water volume of a 70kg man = 40L, caffeine = 194g/mole and all caffeine being absorbed.

Submission + - Full-Color Holograms Send Geeks Running to Kickstarter (

paulonline3d writes: "Few things can elicit an uncontrollable "happy giggle" from geek-types like the talk of holograms. That's why a DIY Full-Color Hologram Kit project on Kickstarter has Stuff Magazine reporting: "Our geek senses are tingling, and our wallets are begging to be opened. That's right, another geek-worthy Kickstarter project has been picked up by our gadget radars." The successfully funded Kickstarter hologram project will provide the crucial hologram-quality lasers that are necessary for red, green, and blue holograms, taking advantage of the latest laser diode developments from pico projectors. A $235 pledge gets you one of the complete full-color hologram kits."

Comment Re:Finding a phone (Score 1) 222

With a lock it was impossible to contact the owner as I couldn't access the phone to try calling a contact.

Just curious - did you pop the battery to look for contact info on the inside of the battery bay?

Yes, but nothing there, I copied down the SIM number and was going to contact the sevice provider to see if they kept a record but they phoned 1st.

Comment Finding a phone (Score 5, Interesting) 222

A couple of months ago whilst visiting Calgary I found a new looking pink Blackberry bold on the street. The phone was fully charged and locked. With a lock it was impossible to contact the owner as I couldn't access the phone to try calling a contact. I just waited and the next day the phone rang. I explained I had found the phone etc and the owner's company sent a courier to pick it up. I was a little disappointed that at no point did anyone thank me for picking up the phone and waiting in for the courier but ah well the phone got back home. The thing is though it made me realise that the only thing the lock on the phone did was prevent me from calling a contact on the phone. If I had wanted to keep it I would have done as a poster above commented and wipe the phone clean. I suppose some phones have sensitive information on them but for the rest of us do we need to lock them if all it does is stop honest people from trying to return them to the rightful owner?

Comment Re:What the...? (Score 1) 94

500,000,000 downloads... 300,000,000 minutes... 0.6 minutes played per download? These numbers must include trials and people re-downloading on new phones. I'd be more interested in the number who have PURCHASED Angry Birds.

300,000,000 PER DAY.....not everyone who downloaded it will play it everyday!?


Submission + - Trojan T-shirts (

zebadee writes: "Music fans who took souvenir T-shirts from a rock festival in Gera, eastern Germany, have discovered they hold a secret message.

The so-called Trojan T-shirts bore a design of a skull and right-wing flags and the words "hardcore rebels".

But, once washed, the design dissolves to reveal a message telling people to break with extremism.

Nice to see that not all Trojans are malicious"

Submission + - Skype crippled by "supernode" failure ( 1

zebadee writes: Skype's communications network is suffering downtime due to failures in its "supernodes", which sometimes help Skype applications find and establish lines of communication with other computers and phones, Skype said in a blog post this evening.

Skype's communications networks relies on "millions of individual connections between computers and phones to keep things up and running", but when a Skype application has trouble connecting to another computer or phone it will turn to a supernode to find the addressing details of the desired connection.

"Unfortunately, today many of [the supernodes] were taken offline by a problem affecting some versions of Skype. As Skype relies on being able to maintain contact with supernodes, it may appear offline for some of you," Skype wrote in the blog post.

Skype is working to fix the problem by creating what it terms "mega-supernodes" to help bring the communications network back online, Skype wrote.

No mention on which versions are effected or whether it is country specific but my version here in New Zealand is down.

Comment Re:Oh... (Score 5, Informative) 101

As another Otago researcher I attended a presentation by the lead researcher a couple of weeks ago. Although the science was cool his presentation style really sold the show and it’s a shame you can’t see him in action. What made me laugh was that he seemed most proud that he had proved his elementary school teacher was wrong. A fact that is also repeated in the article linked above.

Comment Best buy response (the site is getting slow) (Score 5, Informative) 248

Best Buy Responds To “3D Glasses Syncing Service”

(March 23, 2010) We asked Best Buy’s media relations department last week why Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers a fictional 3D glasses syncing service? (link to our original story). Below is the corporate response.

“I wanted to address any lingering confusion about the characterization of services support in the Best Buy Samsung 3DTV offer that was advertised in yesterday’s (March 21) insert. We by no means intended to confuse our customers or offer fraudulent services. The offer is new to our stores, and our own employees were trained on it just this past week.

Let me clarify the services that are included with this offer. Geek Squad will:

1. Set up and connect your TV + up to 5 components (Blu Ray, Cable Box, Satellite Box, etc )

2. Add your internet enabled Blu ray/Gaming Console or internet enabled TV to your existing wireless network so you can access online content such as Netflix and Pandora.

3. Make sure your 3D glasses work – some solutions we sell need TV settings adjusted so that 3D glasses are enabled – there are both 3D and non 3D settings for viewing

4. Review and teach you how to use all of your new gear.

We have some customers who aren’t quite sure how the 3D glasses work, or that the glasses automatically sync with their new 3D TVs. So we wanted to convey that they can depend on Geek Squad to answer their questions during installation and set-up. There is no additional charge for this – and the Geek Squad 3D installation and networking services are included in the total price of this offer.

You know we’re as enthusiastic about 3D as you are, and equally committed to help educate consumers about how to get the most from this home entertainment experience.”

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