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SolarPHP 1.0 Released 125

HvitRavn writes "SolarPHP 1.0 stable was released by Paul M. Jones today. SolarPHP is an application framework and library, and is a serious contender alongside Zend Framework, Symphony, and similar frameworks. SolarPHP has in the recent years been the cause of heated debate in the PHP community due to provocative benchmark results posted on Paul M. Jones' blog."

Comment Hail to the king (Score 2, Interesting) 362

Hail to the king, baby.

The video game: are there any Easter Eggs or inside/interesting bits you'd like share?

The line: If I'm not mistaken the line "Hail to the king" isn't in the Army of Darkness Official Bootleg Edition, right? Travesty. And the "director's cut" ending in the Bootleg is for poot on top of that. You guys just wanted it there because you probably spent some dough on the props. Oooo, pretty. The other ending had more class. What do you think? Why not just put out one DVD with both endings, you leeches?

enraged or something,

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