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Comment Re:Fiduciary sense? (Score 1, Insightful) 231

1. That climate always changes doesn't mean it changes so radically and so quickly.
2. There are no lack of other sources of energy. Hydrocarbons are hardly the only solution.
3. There are other ways to produce plastics and similar materials.

So what we really have here is you posting patently false things as if they were true.

1. WHAT radical and quick change? An increase of .8C in the last 40 years is NOT radical and it decreased .5C in the 30 years before that.
2. Sure there are but, except for fission, they are 3 to 30 times more expensive to create/use.
3. Yes, and once again they're roughly 3 to 20 times more expensive. That's NOT fiduciary responsibility.

So it sounds like MightyMartian is spouting the party line and has no real knowledge of the facts.

Comment Re:Fiduciary sense? (Score 2) 231

Absolutely nothing wrong with fission if done properly although even fission is currently more expensive than fossil fuels (between 1.5 and 2.5 times). I would suggest changing to something other the uranium based reactions though. Uranium was used because we could do it relatively easy with early tech, we have better tech and options now if the Government would allow it.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 189

A little thought reveals that any number in this sequence where the number you're adding to the end (n) is has a factor of 3 makes the whole number also divisible by 3. A little more thought reveals that where (n) has a factor of 3 the sequence of (n-1) will also have a factor of 3. This alone knocks out 2/3 of the possible numbers in the sequence that may be prime.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 1105

That map is 5 years old. To get the it up to the beginning of this year you'd have to shrink the US 7%, shrink the EU 5%, and increase China 34% (This is from memory). The US and EU shrinkage is mostly due to the economic downturn and will go back up eventually.

Comment Re:Before we start the flame wars (Score 1) 962

Wow, a presentation from a corporation with a vested interest taken as fact without question (the second one from google docs).
I checked it out. It assumes it will work for 20 years with almost zero maintenance and one generator swap. This goes against observed fact which has large wind turbines having massive failures at between 1-2% per year. That's not a large number but these failures usually have to be rebuilt almost from scratch which increases the cost. It also doesn't include transmission costs. I'd guess their cost recovery estimates of 3-5 month payback should probably be doubled. It also does not count the cost of backup generation capacity for when the wind doesn't blow - note that capacity would be used full-time if the turbines didn't exist but the backup capacity has to be maintained even when not in active use.

Comment Re:negative spin much? (Score 1) 355

The NW passage was not suitable for cruise ships in 1906. Besides none of the crossings via a temporary route say anything much about climate.

How do you know? The link you gave says they made the NW passage in 2006 only because of an icebreaker. It says almost nothing of the conditions in 1906. The second part of your statement is true although AGW advocates claim it does when it's happening "now."

second there is no such "surface data.org" web site

Try surfacestations.org

Also Mann's hockey stick (which was popularized by Gore) has been discredited. It's been shown that the algorithm he used will produce a hockey stick from almost any data because it preferentially selects/emphasizes the data that will create a hockey stick.

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