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Comment Re:How do you know it's a TSA agent? (Score 1) 427

You could say the same about any fairly unsecured transport network. There's countless bridges, buses, trains and stations worldwide that could cause a massive loss of life and there's virtually no security bar some token "No unaccompanied bags" notices. I suppose we should just be thankful that terrorists are not actually intelligent enough to figure it out.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that whilst the threat of terrorism perhaps doesn't scare everyone, it certainly inconveniences everyone. Time is money, and the simple fact that these security precautions cost lots of it are helping them to win.

Comment Portfolio (Score 5, Informative) 523

Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio.

Don't let a piece a paper show a potential employee that you have the skills on just that, paper, actually show them what you're capable of. Build a portfolio of work, showcasing your best products and sell yourself through that.

If an employeer doesn't respect or look to the portfolio of a potential employee in that line of work, truth be told they probably aren't worth working for.

Comment Re:I for one... (Score 5, Insightful) 466

I'd say DRM encourages piracy more than anything. I'd rather a game just work, than having to jump through hoops to make it work. If a game has something like Securom, frankly I'd rather pirate than have to deal with it. DRM never works, it will always be cracked. There's no getting around that fact.

In truth I never like pirating, if a company makes a good game I'm of the opinion that they deserve my money, but sometimes they don't make it easy to take. Dreamfall is a noticeable game I remember, I have the boxed copy which uses a disk check, but thankfully there are loads of DRM-free .exe's the pirates have provided.

Comment Re:Well, this will be a problem (Score 1) 186

I'd wager that any parent would assume their mid-puberty son who spends time sitting alone in his room with the door closed will be beating off. However, I'd also hazard a guess that the vast majority of said children, if they find their favorite and most convenient source of nudity is suddenly blocked, will not approach their parents and ask for the internet porn back.

I'm not a parent, but my attitude toward it would be to unblock the porn and let the internet answer any questions they may have. Perhaps I'm not a parent for good reason.

Comment Welcome to PC gaming, console users. (Score 1) 271

PC gamers were introduced to serial codes yonks ago, and compared to modern DRM I'd be happy with what the PS3 is about to get. I can only fear for what security measures future consoles have, and I can see it only being a matter of time before there's a console that requires an active internet connection before it will even turn on.

Still, I'm a PC gamer and someone who prefers to buy games, first hand, than pirate or buy pre-owned. If I enjoy a game, the developer deserves my money. However, if a developer does not let me play a game, why should I give them anything?

In regards to the whole jumping on the $10 preowned thingy bandwagon, I wonder how much of it is just money-grabbing seeing as its a virtually cost-free way to make a little extra, rather than Sony genuinely fearing their business will end up collapsing due to some second hand sales.

Comment Movie studios don't have a clue (Score 1) 140

If they want to reduce piracy, they need to provide more incentive for purchasing a £10, £15 DVD or bluray. At the moment, the price/entertainment ratio is appalling. I buy some stuff, I prefer to buy than pirate, I like a physical collection, but when movies come out more often than not at £15 there's no chance in hell I'd go out and buy them.


Submission + - Sarah Palin backs North Korea (huffingtonpost.com)

zcomuto writes: Not quite. In a verbal faux pas, Sarah Palin recently decided that North Korea was an ally worth standing up next to. She doesn't seem to get the pair of the Korea's mixed up, it does seem to simply be a verbal mishap. She does, infact, condemn North Korea's recent behaviour and encourages China to act upon the situation, and treats the behaviour of the country like that of an indisciplined child: "We don't reward bad behaviour, and we don't walk away from it"

Submission + - Apple To Use Liquid Metal, Titanium For CPUs (conceivablytech.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Apple’s mysterious liquid metal plans have shown up in yet another patent. This time, Apple describes a spray method to create heat sinks as well as a the surface of a semiconductor die. Apple hopes that liquid metal will enable it to develop much more effective cooling techniques for future products.
First Person Shooters (Games)

RAGE On iOS Shows Promise 102

Vigile writes "RAGE from id Software for iOS devices is finally available and has been tested over at PC Perspective. The game obviously looks impressive with a nearly 750MB download (and about double that when uncompressed) and not much else can rival it on the platform. The game itself is a rail-based shooter, making the touchscreen interface more intuitive and less cumbersome but it does take away some of the feeling of control in the game. Video of the game running is also included in the short review."

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