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Comment The University of Edinburgh uses Linux (Score 1) 432

The Institute for Digital Communications ( at the School of Engineering at UoE certainly uses Linux. Each PhD student is assigned to a desk with a terminal. Remotely mounted home directories are mounted at login - so one could technically work from any machine. The flavor of Linux being used is Scientific Linux. Everything runs smoothly. The only time the IT guys will laugh at you is if you go and tell them that you want to use Winduhs!

Comment Next Step (Score 2, Interesting) 554

I wouldn't say that the ISS has been a whole and complete waste. Sure - it is years behind schedule, etc., etc. but one has to admit that it has taught us a lot in terms of international cooperation, waste management, construction in zero-G among a long list of others. I truly believe that the next step to maintaining a presence in space has to come in the way of building a lunar base. It will be challenging but will have huge advantages, not the least of which is a base which is permanent (won't have to be de-orbited after a number of years), a base capable of providing on-site labs to do all sorts of analysis on lunar soil, rocks, regolith and basically, a base which will extend our knowledge of our own natural satellite by many orders of magnitude. And who knows? Perhaps one day we'll be advanced enough to manufacture components from materials found on the moon and be using that very base to send heavy spacecraft to other heavenly bodies like Mars. Discuss.

Comment It's all in the seating (Score 1) 500

Have you ever wondered why bus stops have such pathetic seating? It's usually just a piece of metal not much thicker than an outstretched palm (OK, this is not very common, but it can be like that). The reason is that they don't want vagrants occupying the seats - certainly not over a long period of time. McD can solve their problem very easily. Just make the seating in the wifi enabled parts of their restaurant really, really crappy. People won't linger for long that way.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 225

Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. With the amount of research devoted to optical communication these days, these things are a godsend! The streetlamps could each have backbone connectivity to the web and voila - you have internet coverage all over your well-lit city.

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