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American Pharoah Overcomes Biology To Win Triple Crown 212 writes: There are good reasons it's been 37 years since the last triple-crown winner. As Lexi Pandell writes, post-race recovery is no joke for a thousand-pound animal that can run more than 40 miles per hour. There are two weeks between the Derby and the Preakness, and three weeks between the Preakness and the Belmont. That tight schedule—and the super-specific needs of racehorses—means horses competing in the grueling back-to-back-to-back Triple Crown races have a big disadvantage against fresh horses. First, as a horse races, its muscles produce lactic acid. In humans, glycogen recoup takes about 24 hours. But horses take several days to process lactic acid and restore glycogen reserves. Trainers make sure their charges drink plenty of water and sometimes even use intravenous fluids to aid that repair process. Secondly, in addition to being the last race of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is also the longest. When a horse runs a tough race (or has a new workout at a longer distance), its muscles break down. Then, during rest, they reknit and adapt. A horse that has skipped the Preakness, however, has the luxury of time. Mubtaahij, who some picked to win the Belmont, had plenty of rest so he could be pushed for hard workouts two weeks prior to the Belmont.

Finally, at different points in its stride, a galloping horse puts all its weight on a single leg. That limb bears three times more weight than usual when galloping on a straightaway and, thanks to centrifugal force, a load five to 10 times greater on turns. This translates to skeletal microdamage. Race a horse during that critical period and you increase the risk of serious injuries mid-race. Two weeks ago, vets were forced to euthanize the promising gray thoroughbred filly, Eight Belles, when she collapsed on the track after completing the race at Churchill Downs, suffering from two shattered ankles in her front legs. A fresh horse won't face any of those problems. Even a horse that ran in the Derby but skipped the Preakness will have five weeks to rest, and plenty of time for normal skeletal damage to repair, before the Belmont. "So, American Pharoah, it'd be awesome if you win the Triple Crown, but you probably won't," concluded Pandell. "It's not your fault. It's science and those pesky fresh horses." Science was wrong.

Ask Slashdot: Value of Website Design Tools vs. Hand Coding? 342

An anonymous reader writes "I am pretty computer literate, and have a son who is extremely computer savvy. He taught himself C#, Javascript, built his own desktop with his Christmas and birthday money two years ago and is an avid reader of stackoverflow, reddit and many forums. He recently was asked to design a website for an architect, and likes to code by hand using Notepad++ and the Chrome developer tools. He uses CSS and Javascript libraries, but is convinced that all visual editors (Dreamweaver, Expression Web and so on) are only for extreme beginners and create non responsive, non compliant sites. I argue with him that while handcoding abilities are essential and great there is a value in knowing and using WYSIWYG editors. We agreed that having slashdot weigh in would be useful — comments appreciated on either the approach or good tools he can and should use."

Comment Some are willing to take a pay cut to switch jobs (Score 2) 374

Around three months ago i found myself in a job that i hated - I spent 5 out of 10 weeks on the other side of the world, the pay was good, but not good enough to justify the frustration the job involved. I decided to leave, and my new job paid roughly ~30% less than my old one, and ever since i started i haven't regretted it for a second. In fact, i am currently on the clock, sitting in my couch at home, while my toddler son is playing with a SATA cable that belongs to him. I voted 50% pay increase, as that's what's closest to the 100% pay increase it'd cost my old employer for me to go back to them.

Comment registry export for the lazy (Score 1, Interesting) 434

Made a .reg file for a lazy friend of mine.. basically, it just reroutes the requests to my server instead, as he trusts me more than microsoft, heh.
Feel free to use it, if you want, or edit it to fit your own preferences.

I take no responsibility, etc...

PS: I'm slightly less evil than google.

Comment three indications that i'm a Pirate (Score 1) 572

95% of my total disk space used is for pirated stuff (TV shows, movies, music, etc etc).

On top of that, it just so happens that I'm currently on the ship i work on... that's gotta count in the pirate-direction too, right?

Also, having a weird Norewegian last name is suitable.. the first syllable is pronounced "Yarr"

Comment Re:Bed (Score 1) 460

It appears that the setup i have isn't in production anymore, but the ones below are very similar.

bed: -- slightly different measurements
plus a thin (15-20 cm) mini-matres thingy on top to make it extra soft.

Oh, and sorry for not providing the link in english, but search the product name on your local IKEA, and you'll prolly find it.

Comment Bed (Score 2, Interesting) 460

It is by far the most comfortable bed i've ever slept in, and the ones who's slept in it agree with me. It's 200 x 180 cm of awesomeness.
I am currently undergoing a moving process from Norway to Ireland, and due to the comfyness of the bed, i decided to throw some extra money into the moving process and drive all of my stuff around europe, across the channel, and a few bridges and ferries along the way to be able to bring the bed to my new apartment.
A bed is a place where you spend approx 30% of your life, so in my opinion it is a severely underated upholstery.

Comment priorities (Score 1) 215

"[..]the key to Avatar's success or failure, may be habit forming. Dr. Mario Mendez, a behavioral neurologist at the University of California[..]"
"[..]may be habit forming. Dr. Mario Mendez, a behavioral neurologist[..]"
"[..]Dr. Mario Mendez[..]"
"[..]Dr. Mario[..]" ...that's just how my brain works.

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