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Comment Too many choices are a barrier to adoption (Score 5, Insightful) 353

About a year ago, they changed their offering and split it into so many different plans no one knows exactly what you get.

MSFT needs to immediately limit themselves to four plans:

1. Student

2. Entry-level

3. Power

4. Everything

And they need to make it very clear what these mean, in a single page document which is the same regardless of where you find it on Microsoft's site.

Comment Re:wat (Score 2) 397

This is totally off-topic, but how is it that there seem to be so many people who live their lives in an exclusively gendered way (ie, exclusively lesbian relationships, as in the quote) but then make the claim that they are actually bi?

Picture a person who has never yet been in a relationship yet feels attraction. Do you see any problem with them describing themselves with a sexual orientation, even though they have not consummated their choice by engaging in a relationship?

I imagine that the author feels attraction to both men and women and as such describes herself as bi, even though she has not yet had the opportunity to engage in a relationship with a man.

Comment Re: Great way to take the family on Summer vacatio (Score 1) 250

I just prefer to work for a company that offers unlimited vacation and allows me to take extended time off, more than once a year.

We usually do 3 weeks in July and I take off another 4-5 weeks of time off throughout the rest of the year.

Modern, forward-thinking companies have been moving this way as of late in order to attract and retain top talent. I'm kinda surprised it's not talked about more here on ./ considering the audience.

Comment Re:Well (Score 4, Insightful) 103

I get that developers are lazy and can be expected to shy away from security features that get in the way, but come on, Prepared Statements have been around for a very long time, and in a lot of ways, they make your life easier (prettier code, streamed-blob-handling, no escaping, datatype checks):
They should be your /default/ coding practice, not what you reluctantly pick up after a breach or an audit!

Comment I love PwC's responses (Score 3, Insightful) 188

I love the responses PWC gave.

"ESNC did not receive authorized access or a license to use this software. The software is not publicly available and was only properly accessed by those with licenses, such as PwC clients working with trained PwC staff,"

In other words trying t discredit them. There is nothing in that about the flaw not being real.

But the one that had me laughing at the spin was:

"The code referenced in this bulletin is not included in the current version of the software which is available to all of our clients."

Makes it sounds like it's an old version that wasn't in use much anymore. But it was announced AFTER the fix. So publish the fix, which is now the "current version of the software" and since it's published "is available to all of our clients.". But really, that doesn't mean that most of your clients are running the patch, it silently sidesteps the whole thing.

And the final one:

"The bulletin describes a hypothetical and unlikely scenario -- we are not aware of any situation in which it has materialized,"

Yes, I would expect access to an admin account not to be listed on the main menu, I can believe it's an unlikely scenario. It's not actually hypothetical if it's been done by the security firm, so that part is a lie. The "we are not aware of any situation in which it has materialized" just means "we didn't catch it".

Comment Re:Always blaming the wrong guy (Score 2) 166

Pretty soon all those scrubs who ditched cable will discover they are having pay twice as much to get the same content they were getting from cable.

Sorry, but as someone who dropped CATV/SATV in 2008 due to the cost increases and has never looked back, I don't pay double for content; I simply don't consume anything that's non-free outside of what I choose (Netflix).

I mean, when you cut the cord you expect there will be content losses. I don't know of anyone who opts out of TV subscriptions that expects to somehow save money while keeping the same amount of content.

Comment Re:Imaginary benefits of social media advertising (Score 1) 36

I work in the marketing analytics and attribution space and can confidently speak to this topic. While Social isn't the BEST performer, it doesn't carry with it the dire statement of a "complete lack of results" as you state.

With dependencies on vertical and how the advertising is used in known conjunction with other channels, Social definitely does have an assister effect on those other channels. The problem you may be encountering is relying solely on outdated analysis methods which do not appropriately track credit for known users across the entirety of their path to purchase or you're simply just looking at in effective ad buying behavior resulting in poor ROAS.

Done right, Social is definitely valuable for relatively low cost when compared to the much larger channels (based on investment) and can absolutely jack up your return on those other channels as an assister but definitely is not going to be a 1:1 return as the only advertising channel you should leverage if you are hoping for conversion.

Comment Re:Another spam ad (Score 1, Informative) 84

I am not a shill and I have a Tap because a friend of my had an Echo and I loved it, mostly b/c I use Prime Music a ton and my young kids can easily interact w/the device to play what they want. Several of my friends have purchased the devices after using mine.

I mean, popular? No, not nearly as much as Amazon may like you to believe; however, they are pretty great devices for what they are and I think the recognition software is world's better than Siri (which, IMO, is completely and utterly useless and I never use on my Mac or phone).

By all means, be skeptical, however it doesn't mean they're not being used by people and they're not any good.

Comment Moving to another star? (Score 2) 522

In the span of 1000 years, I can certainly see humans being able to travel and inhabit other nearby planets but do we really think we'll be at a point where we can move large groups of humans >25 trillion miles away? Or does he see this more as we'll be putting civilization into space for centuries-long travel toward those other systems?

Comment Judgement gives no protections! (Score 4, Insightful) 56

Privacy International said the judgment did not specify whether the unlawfully obtained, sensitive personal data would be deleted.

And, more importantly, it doesn't say who, how, or when the individuals responsible for the initial collection and later usage of those data will be prosecuted and/or fined for their actions.

So basically this is, "yup, we have your data and you know about it. Tough shit."


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