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Submission + - A failed attempt by Linux to market itself

WED Fan writes: "URIG has some interesting insights, and makes a few good points. The problems he mentions are problems experienced by many FOSS projects. I think the symptoms point to a huge problem — Marketing. Companies have slick marketing. They have marketing professionals to front the company to the public. FOSS, by and large, makes the same mistake small companies do, putting gifted developers in front of their customers.

What if FOSS projects had some open source marketing? What if FOSS project leads could pull in young marketers needing to make their bones? Aren't there some slick marketing types in University right now, looking for a showcase?

If we get the geek factor, the developer jumble-speak, out of the marketing message, a greater acceptance will follow. The geeks come into play where they should, support and development. 99.8% of developers should never be allowed to front a project to customers, we kill our own message.

From URIG's blog:

It makes me somewhat sad to write about the Linux community's latest attempt at bringing their product to the wider public. is a website dedicated to spreading the word on why Linux and other FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) are the right choice for average Joes and Joans and not just for the ubergeeks.

Ironically, the website looks like a parody of Linux' user unfriendliness. It is a failed attempt at being communicative. The layout of graphic elements and text is downright bad and unattractive. The long (and wide) paragraphs are difficult to read and worse — downright boring. The "Why Should I Move?" section is a depressing example of this.

I am a fan of Linux as a concept, I guess. Nut as much as I admire the development of a powerful and robust open source OS, the last time I installed Linux on my machine was back in the days of RedHat v5.2. certainly doesn't make me want to give it another try.

Submission + - new nanoparticle cancer therapy

quixote9 writes: "Tbe BBC reports on a new nanoparticle-based therapy that sounds particularly promising. Biologically, it makes sense. For the drug companies, they don't need to tailor individual drugs, which is their problem with monoclonal antibodies. Watch this one closely!

From the article:

"The researchers used the nanoparticles to zero in on the network of blood vessels that supply the tumours in mice with nutrients and oxygen. A potentially powerful function of nanoparticles is the ability to home in on particular targets inside the body. While various nanoparticles have been designed to target tumours, the efficiency is relatively low. The researchers developed a technique for amplifying this homing ability by designing a multifunctional nanoparticle that binds to a protein structure found only in tumours and associated blood vessels. ... The tests showed that within hours of the injection, the artificial platelets began blocking the supply without harming normal tissues. The scientists believe the nanoparticles could also be used to carry drugs to the tumour.

[PS. No "medicine" subtopic. Couldn't find a relevant subtopic.]"

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