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Comment Re: Valid Action (Score 1) 623

Perhaps you are seeking to have a happy life and not weight down by the haters.
The context here is politics and rallying People in hatered, if you don't stand up, the country will morf slowly to bad, waking up to make sure your religious and genetic tag is charged up, and taking your kids to the segregated toilet and oh i earn 1/2 because I wasn't born in the right group

Comment Re: Until the next time it happens. (Score 1) 319

That speaks for military not, freedom fighters/terrorist/"enemy combatants "

I saw a documentary about some American payback to surrendering Germans don't think they were taken to court

In any event the winner decides if the loser was a heroic freedom fighter or an evil terrorist

Comment Re: WHY IS THIS HERE????! (Score 1) 319

Err it's not ok to follow an unlawful order, that is the difference between a thriving democracy and a dictatorship. I would hope if a president or prime minister has a brain snap, ordering the military to kill demonstrators/protesters that order would be declined.
Instead of this being a bad bad thing, it's a health good thing that you need.

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