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Apple, Others Hit With Lawsuit On Ethernet Patents 304

bth nods an AppleInsider story on a patent troll who has gotten hold of fundamental Ethernet patents and is wielding them broadly. Three guesses which US Appeals Court the lawsuit was filed in. "A Texas company has targeted a number of technology companies, including Apple, in a new lawsuit regarding a handful of computer networking patents issued in the 1990s. ... 3Com Corporation was granted four patents from 1994 to 1998 pertaining to network adapters. Two deal with the automatic initiation of data transmission, and one addresses 'host indication optimization.' ... The company's Web site states that U.S. Ethernet Innovations was founded 'to continue 3Com Corporation's successful licensing program related to a portfolio of foundational patents in Ethernet technology.' A press release from the company states that it is the 'owner of the fundamental Ethernet technology developed and sold by 3Com Corporation in the 1990s,' suggesting it purchased the patents. ... In addition to Apple, the lawsuit names Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, Sony, and Toshiba as defendants."

Comment Re:i find it so hard (Score 1) 288

Exactly. I don't use the internet like I used to. Has the threats out their changed my usage of, and the amount of time I spend on the internet? You bet. I got better things to spend time on. My wife just recently downloaded a simple scrip that deployed SHuer on her PC. Then my PC says "an object is trying to access LSass.dll but has not been granted those rights." Great, spend loads of time to remove the infections, or reinstall windows and spend loads of time getting it back to the way it was. Time to give Ubuntu another chance?

Comment Ya gotta please most of the people (Score 1) 383

Since this is a community lab it should reflect the community. I know the area. You got vacationers, lots of students, (college nearby,) as well as common PC users. You will have your hands full. I agree with most of the replies you got, but I think you shouldn't forget the more involved crowd either. How about a Linux user group?

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