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Comment Re:Ignoring the problem. (Score 1) 274

Wow, is this really Slashdot, or have I visited a different forum by mistake? I agree, this has been my limited experience with Linux, but I have made my living developing on Windows for years so I am biased. My impression is that the really significant part of Linux that has brought its success and widespread adoption is, less than any particular technological achievement or facility, the licensing scheme. It seems to allow the community to contribute useful work to it without it spinning too wildly out of control.

Comment On The Phone (Score 3, Interesting) 287

Windows 8 Phone is supposed to have the same kernel as WinRT devices on ARM. If they can pull this off they will have it both ways: a huge desktop user base with tons of messy legacy and a sparkly new "walled garden" where they will have lots more control over the whole experience and what is allowed in. Writing for Metro mode is supposed to yield an app that will pretty much run on phones and tablets, without the fragmentation of Android devices/environments. Even if nobody else wants it on their tablets or desktops, at least one batch of Nokia phones will need it.

Comment Re:Solved problem. (Score 1) 210

Ha, my thoughts exactly when the hyper-hyped Segway was finally unveiled: a compact, two wheeled vehicle which can travel through densely populated areas at speeds up to 17 mph? BFD, we've had that for a hundred years.

Don't forget another major problem with the Segway: it is very nearly too heavy for one person to lift for putting in a car trunk or carrying up the stairs.

Comment I'm glad too. Curing gay dudes is one thing... (Score 1) 917

...but I am totally against curing lesbians.

Seriously though, you should be able to have whatever you want on the hardware you pay for - Apple could just put a disclaimer on there, or put it in a special "religious weirdness" category, and do the same with porn or whatever else. Besides, isn't this "app" and many others just a package of content you could probably browse with your phone without restriction anyway?

Comment But who will fill the power vacuum? (Score 1) 331

Many industry observers fear that Muslim extremism will prevail in the struggle over the future of this proud corporation. Obama is urging Balmer not to run again for CEO, as many citizens call for his ouster via Twitter, SMS and phone messages. The army is showing forbearance as employees demonstrate freely and peaceably in the streets. The whole world watches as the outcome is bound to send ripples through the entire industry.

Comment Aren't we all on a one way trip already... (Score 1) 475

to planet Earth?

Which do you suppose is more damaging to your mental health: never experiencing intimacy with the opposite sex because
a. you are stranded forever on an alien planet, or
b. you are too socially awkward/unattractive/unpleasant/smelly/geeky?
I bet lots of people are plenty isolated already and going to mars could only be an improvement!

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