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Comment Re: Er? (Score 1) 314

When you're driving and need navigation information, more data is always better than less. I have my android set for japanese and I installed the english text to speech sofware separately to see it it would help google maps. Does nothing. The space argument concidering how much google maps streams (and even siri) does not impress me at all.

Comment Re: Er? (Score 1) 314

Isn't it painful changing the language of your whole OS to test localization in on program? LANG=Japanese appname in the terminal makes so much more sense. On top of that when you switch windows to non-english mode it tends to bug out in the ways you expect from amature software. (Text flickering between languages on shutdown? Really?) Forcing systemwide language settings is a broken concept. The fact my Japanese wife has to set her whole iphone to English to get google maps to say street names in the US while driving is a great real world example.

Comment They Want you in Collections (Score 4, Insightful) 570

The simple fact of the matter is, if you are in collections, most companies get the ability to rape you. They will be as harsh as possible when talking to you so that you don't want to negotiate. This equals more money in interest.

Student loans threatened me into work I couldn't physically do, and was relying on medicaid to keep my fake leg working. The threats forced my work over what I could do and pushed me into homelessness for a time.

I tried calling the collectors with the last of my money and all they could do is tell me to pay $14,000 in student loans in 3 monthes. Despite their threats causing me $100k in medical bills, multiple suicide attempts, and lost work time.

Since I have stabalized financially and I have been talking to them more, you soon realize the system was made to rape you from the beginning. It's a lot easier to face when you realize you aren't necessarily the evil one.

You can ask specific questions, but the department of education will refuse to give any specifics. The best I had gotten was a letter that read, "We have investigated your claims [what was investigated specifically was not stated], and we have found no issues. We have no departments that can handle this matter and if you would like to pursuie this it will have to be through litigation."

This is the US of A. I'll hang myself at a college before
I'm threatened into [work I can't do] -> [homelessness]. I'll do my best, but when the interest is $700 a month, you know the company you were working with had no serious intension of helping to pay back any dept, but only to cause you new ones.

Comment Quietly Sweeping Windows Under a Rug (Score 1) 132

Well.... if the apps on your system actively hide the flaws of your OS that may be true. The reason why IDEs and all-encompasing single window programs are so popular in general is because they hide how bad the Windows shell is. Windows is playing no part in "just getting out of the way." It is being quietly swept under a rug. No one wants to interact with Windows on windows. Best to just maximize everything and use the taskbar.

Comment Processed food is not only about taste. (Score 1) 499

Processed food also takes almost all of the work out of eating food. It's made where you bite it and you swallow. That way you eat more.

Because people are brought up only eating this stuff, the only way they can get their greens is by juicing them. The only hamburger they can eat is from a fast food chain.

If food makes you think twice about eating it because of the chewing or the work, IT MEANS YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY.

Comment Mixed feelings as a seattlelite (Score -1, Offtopic) 219

I don't honestly think this camera will help with the drivers who love to jam their gas to move. I have been hit and almost hit just as many time by the front of ot he car as well as the back.

Example 1:
It's 1pm in downtown. I'm walking to work on crutches. I notice a guy in a sports car passes the crosswalk to stop at a red light. The top is down. He guns it in reverse right when I am behind him to bump me hard. It's bright out. He had great visiblility. He was downtown in the city. But he could not be bothered to look backwards when going in reverse.

Example 2:
On the other side of the coin. People coming out of the parking garages will jet out, cutting you off on the sidewalk, and drive off without even looking at you. It's in those instances I take my fist and ram it into their car. People drive too fast without looking.

Until drivers stop goading each other to drive faster, I don't think the roads will ever be reasonably safe. These are the people who complain about slow drivers on a rainy day, and on the same day complain about a traffic accident backing up the roads without making a mental connection that they are forcing other drivers to drive faster than what is safe for them and it is only penalizinig themselves.

Comment Re:Practical application is the only way (Score 1) 306

This. Force yourself to to turn your program into a lib and a front end or two. I have a console frontend and a gtk frontend for my app. Even if you force yourself to give your program a frontend in multiple toolkits like qt/gtk/cocoa, you will learn a *lot* about writing modular code. Just make sure you are keeping an eye out for creating an API.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 1) 538

What amazed me the most by them was how they went out of their way to make sure they had no documentation that I was handicapped. Despite all of my letters and my phone calls. All so they wouldn't have any liability. It amazed me how the department of education automatically blocks all calls if you are delinquent. I amazes me how they can say they don't owe any of my 100k medical bills because of their threats into work I couldn't do, that eventually forced me homeless.

Comment What a joke (Score 2, Informative) 538

I delt with the delinquencies department when I was stuck living in the middle of the countryside with my mother, a fake leg and depression and no self confidence. They threatened me at home until I moved into a gay friend (uncomfortable sometimes) in another city where I started work I couldn't physically in retail. When my fake leg broke, they more or less said it was my fault for taking the only work that was around and for being handicapped. I should have died from cancer when I was 12 at that rate. I was close to hanging myself in Seattle in front of a bunch of children to protect them from a similar fate because of them.

The department of education cares for no-one. They are only full of threats. The kind where if you tell a person in a wheelchair every day, they will eventually kill themselves.

Comment Re:Please Stop. (Score 1) 627

I was out of Windows-land by the time XP landed. Apparently Notepad had only gotten the save (ctrl-s) keyboard shortcut in 1999 with Windows 2000. That was one of my largest issues with the program. It was just waiting to lose your work for you.

After Windows, I was using Macs for about 5 years, and nowadays I mostly use Linux boxes. What I have found over time is that Notepad is the only basic text editor included with a modern OS that refuses to support other types of line endings.

What's worse is that everyone on Windows seems to start learning programming on Notepad, and the confusion it causes because of the line-ending issue is a waste of my professional time. It strongly reminds me of having to support IE6 back in the day.

On a less cynical note, Notepad looks like it was designed primarily as a mechanism to read windows README.TXT files. Secondarily, it was designed for basic editing of batch files and config files where not having a ctrl-s shortcut is not an issues. Third, if you are using notepad outside of that scope, you are likely abusing the tool for purposes it wasn't originally designed for.

I may seem bitter, but notepad irritates me in about exactly the same spot as IE6.

Comment Please Stop. (Score 5, Insightful) 627

99% of the time if you hear someone questioning the utility of using an IDE, notepad was never in the running as a serious option to begin with. Just stop it. Don't say it's name. Notepad is a 24 year old joke stuck in the 90s feature-wise. The runners are programs like Sublime Text, BBedit, Text Wrangler, gedit, Jedit, notepad++, or even vim.

Just because someone tells you that you should drive your car less doesn't mean they are forcing you to walk everywhere you go on your feet. You can bike. You can ride your motorcycle. You can ride the bus. You can ride an electric bycycle. You can rollerblade. You can ride in someone else's car. You can ride the train. You can fly in a plane.

Anyone mentioning Notepad seriously in their comments on this article has no knowledge of what a proper text editor is and have an apathy to find out so they can actually contibute meaningfully to the conversation.

Comment It is more compatible than you think (Score 3, Interesting) 255

FFM is not actually fundimentally incompatible with focus-follows-mouse. Gnome 3 works around it by providing an option called 'focus-change-on-pointer-rest'. It works extremely well on a trackpad because you general lift your finger once the pointer is over a window. With a mouse, it gives a slight lag because your hand isn't as steady.

Why does this work well with global menus? Because when you use global menus, you throw the pointer to the top of the screen, using fits law.

The reason I use FFM to begin with is because I hate having to aim and make sure I hit a tiny widget or make sure I don't accidentally click a link on a webpage when trying to give focus to the window. Having menubars in windows is an extension of that problem. I would probably care less if mouse motion was actually one-to-one, but it isn't.

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