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Submission + - Illinois drinking water pump reportedly destroyed (

feranick writes: Investigations are undergoing by the FBI and DHS to determine the causes of a damage to a public water system in Springfield, Illinois. The system is believed to be the target of a foreign cyber attack. While there seems to be no threat to public safety and criminal interference, a security researcher called Joe Weiss has reported that Russian hackers accessed the water plant's SCADA online control system and used it to repeatedly switch a pump on and off, eventually causing it to burn out. This raises once again the questions about the level of defense from cyber attacks of the US national infrastructure (heavily connected to Internet, in most cases for no reason). According to Richard A. Clarke in "Cyber war", having strong offense mechanisms in cyber war is pretty much worthless, when your home is essentially unprotected with no means for the federal government to protect or retaliate. This is a remarkable difference between cyber and conventional war.

Submission + - Judge affirms students' right to post online pics. (

BitterOak writes: An Indiana judge issued a summary judgment affirming that when public schools punish students for their Facebook pics, they may be violating the First Ammendment.

This case concerns two Indiana teenage girls that posted some pics on Facebook that featured some pornographic candies that were taken at a sleepover (not at school). The judge here questioned the constitutionality of the school district's policy that actions by students in or out of school are punishable if they bring "dishonor" to the school.

The school district indicated it would likely appeal the ruling which enjoins them from punishing the students by barring them from extracurricular activities.

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