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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 2) 168

If I steal your SSH key, and then you change your password, I can still access your box.

The only difference here is that you're no longer in control of the effective authorized_hosts file, Dropbox is. Yes, they should regenerate the key every time you change your password.

The article's hysteria seems to be much more about the file, rather than the fact that a password change doesn't change your API key / secret key / etc.

The Military

Submission + - Military Asserts Right to Respond to Cyberattacks

Hugh Pickens writes: "AP reports that National Security Agency director Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander says the US should counter computer-based attacks swiftly and strongly and act to thwart or disable a threat even when the attacker's identity is unknown. "Even with the clear understanding that we could experience damage to our infrastructure, we must be prepared to fight through in the worst case scenario," wrote Alexander in a 32-page Senate questionnaire he answered in preparation for a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on his nomination to head Cyber Command. Alexander offered a limited but rare description of offensive US cyber activities, saying the U.S. has "responded to threats, intrusions and even attacks against us in cyberspace," and has conducted exercises and war games adding that it is unclear whether or not those actions have deterred criminals, terrorists or nations. Alexander stressed that any US response to a cyber attack must be authorized by the president and must conform to international law and guiding military principles requiring that the reaction be deemed militarily necessary and in proportion to the attack. "It is reasonable to assume that returning fire in cyberspace, as long as it complied with law of war principles ... would be lawful.""

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 532

Right, because the content publishers aren't getting their panties in a bunch over being one of the first "iPad-compatible" websites with HTML5. You're not factoring into the equation that many of the consumers that will be using an iPad may very well start to use these "compatible" websites just because they are "specifically designed for iPad" and have compatible video. http://www.apple.com/ipad/ready-for-ipad/

Comment Re:I wonder if the economy will change that back.. (Score 1) 571

Something else to consider is whether you actually save money by *not* purchasing the laptop, in the time and gas spent going to/from the computer lab. Also, assuming the school does away the computer labs and the Technology Fee is removed (which is several hundred dollars per semester) a laptop may end up being cheaper.

Comment Re:Printing (Score 1) 571

I am a student at Michigan State University. They have a system where I can print from any platform (via Windows sharing or LDP) to any printer, anywhere on campus. There is a networked printer in each wing of each dorm, in every computer lab, and in all of the libraries. This works well with the campus-wide network (migrating to Wireless-N, IIRC). Prints are $.05 per page side, an extra $.05 per side for color. All of the printer billing is integrated into the standard billing system.

Comment Wow, I'm lucky! (Score 1) 825

It seems that the school tech administrators are gettnig more anal retentive every day. Compared to these guys, I lucked out. Banned from school computers for life for downloading PuTTy. (To get my homework nonetheless. I had misplaced the file on my webserver, and had to move it so that I could download it. That's it.)

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