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Comment Re:Go Amish? (Score 1) 664

Given these kind of units are mass produced, I expect the margin your employer would earn on this $100 component to be much more related to the per-unit manufacturing cost than engineering costs. Formal verification of such a component can not be so costly that it can't be justified, once you spread such a cost over hundreds of thousands of units.

Comment Re:To quote one of my professors... (Score 1) 124

Wrong, it is much, much worse than that.

Imagine a body of scholars continuously producing wrong hypotheses. They test all of them. Your teacher correctly pointed that one in twenty will have a p-value > 0.05. But they write papers only off these! In such a scenario, 100% of the papers are wrong.

In other words, this 5% chance of a paper being bullshit is only a lower bound.

Comment Re:Game theory? (Score 1) 412

Game theory allows for derivation of optimal strategies, that is, strategies that maximize winnings. Depending on the game, GT yields little more than formalization of a game that can be beat using a "common sense approach", but sometimes counter-intuitive strategies are dominant, for example burning your ships.

Comment chess skill != raw intelligence (Score 5, Insightful) 449

The most intelligent person in the world would not stand a chance versus an experienced, serious chess aficionado. Being good at chess not only requires raw intelligence, but also strategic and tactical insights that just can't be developed on the fly no matter how intelligent you are, and especially not during a speed chess match.

Reminds me of the story of world-class poker player Tom Dwan (who has won millions at poker and is likely very intelligent) losing > $50k in misjudging his chances of beating chess International Master Greg Shahade, who was starting the game down a rook (an insurmountable difference when players have remotely similar skill).

Comment Re: Good. (Score 1) 699

Because many vaccines do not give you protection with 100% probability, but they make enough % of the population immune so that a virus is prevented from spreading. People who avoid taking vaccines are hurting everyone who's not immunized by the vaccine by providing more chances for a virus to spread. So not only you are hurting yourself, but also many others. Hence the state needs to control this particular flavor of idiocy as much as it needs to prevent drunk driving.

Submission + - Spanish regional desktop to switch 40,000 desktops to its own Linux distro (

Bismillah writes: From the "Linux on the desktop is dead" department: the Extremaduran government hopes to save 30 million euros by going to with Linux, and has already rolled out some 85,000 penguinised systems before.

The migration project is based on a long-term plan for Extremadura to move to open source, published in October last year.

Submission + - German Ministry of Education throws away PCs for 190,000 € due to infection (

An anonymous reader writes: German IT magazine Heise reports (original in German) that the Ministry of Education in Schwerin had a Conficker virus infection on 170 machines, that was dealt with by simply throwing them on the trash. Other German authorities have now decided that "the approach taken is not up to the principle of efficiency and economy" and that the 187,300 Euro invested in this radical form of virus removal were inappropriate. The ministry had earlier estimated the cost of cleaning their desktops and servers by more conventional means to 130,000 Euro.

Submission + - Inventor of OpenFlow SDN Admits Most SDN Today is Hype (

darthcamaro writes: Every networking vendor today is talking about Software Defined Networking (SDN). The basic idea is that the control of the underlying networking hardware is abstracted by software. Martin Casado helped to come up with the whole topic with his 2005 Stanford thesis. Eight years later after selling his startup Nicira to VMware for $1.2 Billion, Casado sees the term SDN meaning everything and nothing to all people.

"I actually don't know what SDN means anymore, to be honest," Casado said. Casado noted that the term SDN was coined in 2009 and at the time it did mean something fairly specific. "Now it is just being used as a general term for networking, like all networking is SDN," Casado said. "SDN is now just an umbrella term for, cool stuff in networking."

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