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Comment So much hate here.. (Score 1) 212

It's not 2001 anymore - your jobs shouldn't be at risk if you are doing them correctly.

Why not simply compare and contrast, dig deep and think. Compromise your sensibilities and explain to the OP how YOU would best achieve the following:

A real time replicated block file system for the purposes of users saving and sharing files to offer some form of business continuity when things fail
^ With the ability for a user to restore a file from 1 hour previous. This file may have been a test file, a Bloomberg stream file or just a data entry clerk doing it wrong for 30 minutes.

How? - Give examples of client software, eg: Calc, Desktop OS eg: MINT and whatever backend solution you desire.

Don't just be a troll or a cunt. Make some news.

Comment Re:Baffled? (Score 1) 172

If you test your smoke alarm every week and change the battery every 3 years, as you should, this is not a problem. - besides the chirping from my experience still goes on for several days at least.

All the 10 year (and similar) disposable fixed-cell sealed smoke alarms use lithium batteries.
These are probably the best bet to use if you are at all worried about battery management. They come with silencer buttons also

Comment Re:wut about?? (Score 1) 277

Should be PIT fighter - not mortal kombat. (first game I can recall to use photo's for sprites)

Prince of persia (first game I recall to use rotoscoping for animation)
Ultima Underworld (first true 3D crawler)
MS Flight Simulator (aka IBM compatibility tester)
Elite (FFS!)

To be honest, it's a pretty poor museum. If I went to the Natural History Museum and all they had was 6 bones... This isn't a Museum - it's a list.

Comment Re:Quite the Opposite (Score 5, Insightful) 271

Bollocks. This is the one thing that is killing older techs like us. IF WE DON'T WANT TO MANAGE, WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!

I'm lucky enough to have a diverse enough job now I can pick and choose the things I want to do - indeed I get to delegate managers (I delegate managers to manage me!) and I never delegate decent techs to manage! - they are two very different jobs and mind sets. The payscale, the HR ladder and you, are simply wrong. It's a different job mate. "know your strengths" - if you like doing something you will be good at it, if you are good at5 something you will likely enjoy it.

If now, at the the age of 49, I was told I couldn't do the things I enjoy doing (for paid work money) I would... I would probably just die, to be frank.

Comment This is sane. Sensible. (Score 3, Interesting) 23

But only practical for the it dept. And direct staff. I have never once succeeded in getting realistic ds involvement outside of primary it. Even massive banks sign only the most lowly of other departments to check legally required and audited dr runs, let alone scenario testing. Oh for it utopia.

Comment Back in the 80's (Score 3, Interesting) 64

When I used to play D&D I only bought the rule books and monster manuals.
Scenery and dungeons were created with things from the garden & plaster of paris / plasticine for the important quest stuff (like monuments / statues)
Almost all my vehicles, boats / wagons etc were made out of wood

The most fun, however, was creating the characters and monsters with cheap plastic army / farm figures and a soldering iron. It was painstaking, but meant each was subtly different physically and I could even tack-on extra items, such as weapons, backpacks, shields and such.

For me at aged 8 to 13, it was about bringing the world to life and becoming fully immersed in a beautifully rendered environment and a painstakingly planned quest / story - whilst following the rules laid out.

Although this wouldn't work for massive combat like 40k - I never did understand why people would buy rows and rows of overpriced, cheap (And they got cheaper and cheaper quality) 'models' and line them up in crappy sub-hornby-style environments.

For me, they brought only a loose world for my imagination to sculpt and I loved it. I was hooked on their writing from Deathtrap Dungeon FF days - but even as a young child never subscribed, nor could afford, the model side of their business.

Comment Re:In other words. . . (Score 1) 57

Win 7 didn't make it harder, but you had to jump through several more hoops to DO anything. Changing the time, creating a share etc. Or having to search for the option of turning off the fucking irritating wiggle a window to minimize all or snap to random monitor option.
MENUS work really fucking well. We shouldn't have to SEARCH for things - prime daily example for me is (Apart from everything MAC OS) is on the Server 2008 (Basically Win7) platform, I have to SEARCH for "common" to toggle "common desktop icons" because they removed the "FEATURE" of having a right click personaliZe.. which could only be brought back by installing the feature "THEMES"

8 / 2012 is just a fucking mess.

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