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Comment latest update (Score 4, Informative) 841

There's been mention of the 2/12 response from Broder (previous to Musk's rebuttal), but the first post-rebuttal articles are now showing up:
Plus a general line by line analysis of Musk's comments:

Comment Re:I don't mind (Score 1) 298

I went to WWU. Everybody in my peer CS group either had an excellent job either during or shortly after college. Many of my extended non-CS peer group also ended up buoyed by the CS department's influence and ended up in tech jobs.

My college girlfriend, who went through Woodring (the ed. department at WWU) and was expecting to teach high school Spanish, ended up as director for a major PNW tech company, making about quintuple what she was expecting to make.

WWU, a liberal arts college, does not have its core strength nor focus in CS, but perhaps the ROI there is high enough to merit some serious discussion.

Comment Re:Here's an example of market failure (Score 1) 591

I got the point of the original parent and was merely making clear the disconnect. The definition of "accordingly priced" seems in your view to need to be set by (or heavily influenced by) the consumer. If that's the expectation, we should enforce that expectation.

I don't know anything about the design of your DVD player, its regionality, or any of the other fun aspects of modern technology. Most Super Audio CDs probably also don't play on your CD player: do you have a moral or commercial right to make that work? What about if your CD player doesn't support HTOA? You're not getting all of the CD: what are your rights then? If a particular bitstream doesn't work because your DVD player uses an old decoder, what are your rights then? Introducing hardware into the discussion seems to cloud an already viciously murky issue.

If you're only obtaining it under the given terms, great. If (as with the OP example) you're obtaining it under ... alternative terms, perhaps that whole "compulsory licensing" notion makes one ton of sense.

Comment Re:Not in Portlandia! (Score 1) 188

That's a heckuva drive. And other areas do have GameWorks or Dave & Buster's or etc... but CTF is on another level.

ChinaTown Fair (CTF) is the legendary training ground for a large chunk of the East Coast's best fighting game players. It is a hole in the wall, but you could go there and compete against some of the finest players in the world. It's been a fun stop each time I head out to NYC.

Comment Re:VLC player works alright. (Score 1) 754

The libavcodec library is indeed excellent and very useful. I'm not knocking nor would I knock that in any fashion. I was just pointing out that most/500+ is still just "most", not "all". As a hobby/side project at work (the M, but I speak for myself only always) I've been tracking down and trying to get fixed codec issues for the past long while... so that differentation is sadly important.

Better ""integration"" of libav or more/better out of box codec support is excellent. You might not *currently* need to play G2M3 or MetaSound content, but it'd be nice if it just worked when you decided you needed it to. I'm a huge fan of VLC and other players that makes things just work.

Comment bad moderation? (Score 1) 754

Meta: This is slashdot, where I would expect that most of us are remotely technically competent. The statement "any codec hassles on any computer" is flat wrong, technically. Whomever moderated my comment as "troll": shame on you. It's cool if you don't understand an issue, but don't inflict your technical blind spots on others. It's that ignorant mentality (the notion that there's one magic pill for codecs) that led to the proliferation of codec packs and thus led to most of the multimedia-related system destabilization of the past six years or so.

I work at the big M and knows most of the stats. I've helped out the VLC team (and many others) repeatedly and have nothing against them (nor anyone else). I do however care that nobody is ignorant enough to believe that there is *any* magic codec pill. It's a misleading concept that's proven destructive.

Comment Re:VLC player works alright. (Score 0) 754

Naw. It works well with the content you use it to play. There's 500+ video codecs, many many of which it doesn't work with.

Generally all players are at the mercy of the content creator. Having good codec support out of box is excellent, but you'll still hit problem scenarios (Duck, L&H, Indeo, latest screen codec, latest vendor codec, etc.) with every player.


Star Wars Fans Look For Love In Alderaan Places 88

Hugh Pickens writes "The Christian Science Monitor reports that devoted fans at the recent Star Wars Convention V, many dressed as Jedi knights, stormtroopers, or the indomitable Princess Leia, sat opposite one another for a series of 3-minute speed dates, in hopes of finding a connection with a fellow Star Wars enthusiast. 'Over the course of the three events, due to size and time, we turned away about 600 participants,' says Ryan Glitch. 'Yesterday, this room was packed. We had to keep shoveling people along.' Meanwhile in the main exhibition hall, a chapel was set up to allow fans to profess their love and devotion to each other in the form of commitment ceremonies. 'I've been told that we've had two commitment ceremonies from people that met at my event,' says Glitch adding that he saw eight additional couples at the convention made up of people who had attended his speed dating sessions."

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