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Comment Re:Why I'm not surprised (Score 1) 120

In a lot of BC it effectively isn't.

Walking around vancouver it's common to see people openly smoking joints, and I've even seen guys offer them to a police officer (somewhat cheekily, but still). The reason it's not legal in the whole country is that we fear the border would be frozen if we did legalize it. I'm quite curious to see what happens in the United States if prop. 19 passes. It could have quite an effect on our own laws, and political scene.

Comment Re:God Bless the USA! (Score 1) 420

Most vending machines will take an American quarter, and really, the exchange rate now doesn't make it worth getting excited, or even noticing when we get one.

What does suck is going to the States, and getting a handfull of one dollar bills in your change.

Comment Re:That's why I leave everything on all the time (Score 1) 297

that's the nominal values, yes, but many, many hair dryers rely on the fact that breakers don't really break right at 15 amps. They rely on a thermal element to trip, and that element doesn't get hot enough, the breaker won't trip.

I've had breakers fail to break entirely, but certain brands notably Federal Pioneer will provide much more than the rated current, and for substantial amounts of time.

if breakers did trip instantly, almost every motor in household appliances would need a variable frequency starter, as the locked rotor current of most appliances is higher than 15 amps.


Classic Doom Coming To the iPhone Next Month 90

Two months after releasing an iPhone port of Wolfenstein 3D, id's John Carmack brings an update to the similar effort underway to bring classic Doom to the iPhone as well. He provides some detailed information on the development process, and says they're aiming for a release some time next month. "One of the things I love about open sourcing the old games is that Doom has been ported to practically everything with a 32 bit processor, from toasters to supercomputers. We hear from a lot of companies that have moved the old games onto various set top boxes and PDAs, and want licenses to sell them. We generally come to some terms in the five figure range for obscure platforms, but it is always with a bit of a sigh. The game runs, and the demo playbacks look good, but there is a distinct lack of actually caring about the game play itself. Making Doom run on a new platform is only a couple days of work. Making it a really good game on a platform that doesn't have a keyboard and mouse or an excess of processing power is an honest development effort."

Comment Re:pirate repellents (Score 1) 830

dude, how much do you think a CIWS costs? and the associate radar and fire control systems? what about the operator training?

even supposing those work, how do you propose to detect these raiders? they're in small craft that easily get lost in the sea-clutter on a radar screen.

  the fact of the matter is most ships find out they've been the target of a pirate attack when the guy with the AK walks onto the bridge.

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