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Comment Re:Yes of course (Score 2) 159

You can definitely revive an old Pentium M / Sempron with a modest 50 dollar or so low end card. It enhances a good chunk of the browsing experience, not just video acceleration.

Not exactly what you were asking, but I have a Pentium M based board that makes a great mediaPC now that I dropped a Radeon HD 6450 in it. Used to be nearly unusable. Now 1080p video, YouTube, web browsing, all great (just don't deviate too much out of those core tasks). For whatever reason seems a lot faster on Firefox over Chrome...

Comment Re:ask a mechanic (Score 1) 672

That's wrong. Canadians are keeping their cars longer than ever before, because they are more durable. They don't make them like they used to is right - we make them a lot better nowadays. I remember reading a Statistics Canada based piece in The Globe and Mail (cannot relocate), but I found these studies just googling it now.



Submission + - CRTC to Announce Usage Based Billing Decision Tues (digitaljournal.com) 2

zabby39103 writes: Earlier this year Bell Canada, with the approval of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), was set to impose caps of 25GB/month on previously unlimited independent DSL ISPs coveted by many Canadian internet users. Public outcry caused a precarious minority Conservative government to reverse the decision temporarily. On Tuesday, a new majority Conservative government is set to announce their final decision. Did they listen, or were they just looking out for their best interests? What side do you think they will come down on?
The Internet

Submission + - US snapshot of broadband world finds disparity and (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "Almost seven of 10 households in the United States subscribe to broadband service while 68% of American households used broadband Internet in 2010, up from 64% in 2009 and only 3% of households still rely on dial-up access to the Internet in 2010, down from 5 % in 2009. Those were but a few of the interesting facts found in a snapshot of broadband use in the US released this week by the Department of Commerce..."

Comment Re:Revenue != Profit (Score 1) 117

That is except TFA I guess?

"The Times Co., which includes the flagship New York Times, Boston Globe, International Herald Tribune, 15 other dailies and About.com, said net profit plunged 57.6 percent to $5.4 million on continued print advertising weakness."

Oh wait you said everything you've READ, right this is slashdot I was being silly...

Comment Experience from the Inside (Score 1) 179

I have personally worked for a Canadian Member of Parliament. I totally understand what this guy is going through. If he gets two emails a day from this pressure group, he's lucky (note the source that came from - the pressure group).

I would often spend the the ENTIRE morning going through email bombs. I'm talking 200-300 emails or so per day. Much of them were profanity laced, and not directed to my member in particular, but mass mailed from pressure group websites using a form to blast the entire Parliament of Canada. People would often send the same email several times PER DAY. The only tool the IT department allowed me to use was MS Outlook Message Rules (which helped, but not nearly enough).

It was all about repetition and "louder is better". It borderlined on harassment. I genuinely got excited when I got a well thought out, original email that I could respond to. Unfortunately I had less time to deal with their issue because I had to deal with morons thinking anyone above me would care about their repetitive profanity laced email bombs.

Comment Re:You won't mind if I poop in your yard, then? (Score 1) 565

Actually BP will probably be paying for the cleanup. Federal law forces them to, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_Pollution_Act_of_1990. This is capped at 75 million dollars maximum, but BP has pledged to pay the full cost regardless. Take that as you will. Also. the concept of an oil company going bankrupt even at say over 10 billion dollars or so of damage is laughable. That's more like a quarterly profit. Also I think it's important to note that this is a fairly exotic deep water oil well, not the more garden variety shallow well, and it is open to a plethora of additional engineering challenges.

Comment Slashdot shouldn't post partisan press releases! (Score 1) 169

"The first leader of a major Canadian political party to acknowledge the importance of the Internet during a federal election?" Are you effing kidding me? A quick google would clearly show this to be false. Every major party is all over YouTube as well, and every major party but the Conservatives support net neutrality. Please be more careful, this is way worse than a typical story dupe.

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