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Comment New wireless audio standard? (Score 2) 761

Even though I do not care about the phone at all, if all of this excitement over one port somehow leads to a new standard for wireless audio, that would be awesome.

Bluetooth sucks for anything above skype calls.
Bluetooth hifi-headphones are a joke. The better the headphone, the more you realize how horribly bluetooth compression mangles the sound quality.

Because of this, every manufacturer is running their own wireless audio format. Your typical audio sources (phone, pc, hi-fi system) do not support any of them. Adapters everywhere...
I guess now we have yet another standard with Apple's... But maybe they can push theirs to more devices than just their phones? Any chance of something Apple to ever become an open standard?

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 0) 621

One of the corner pieces of a functioning democracy is that majority rule does not completely fuck over the minority(s).
Instead, they compromise.

If that is not the case, then you get civil wars, military intervention, separatists, domestic terrorism. For examples look at faling democracys like Egypt (muslim brothers), Russia (Chechens), or Turkey (Kurds).

So taking a 51.xx% margin and going 'ok that's it then', when the descission is of this consequence, is something I would not necessarily call democratic.
It's certainly not wise.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

One of the problems I see is that the current governement, which was also elected by the voters, is(was?) against the exit.
Meanwhile the brexit vote barely got a yes.

So there are two contradictory votes for what the 'will of the people' is.
That may have something to do with the weird first-past-the-post system which is used for the actual election, so I would say the brexit vote is more accurate.
However only the election carries actual political weight.

The governement, which is still in power, would have to act against the general will of their own voters who initially voted them into that place, in order to follow the brexit vote.

So, the only possible solution I can see here is a reelection. If in that election a pro-brexit party wins, then its clear.
If that is not the case however, then I can't see how that new governement could go thorugh with the brexit, seeing as they ran their election campaign on being against it.

Comment Re:Law workaround? (Score 1) 70

They aren't really using any workarounds.

They simply have the resources available to fight off the bullshit lawyers that try to milk the law by sending out tenthousands of copyright notices demanding fees.
Something the normal citizen can't be expected to put up with.

And of course, them being an organization, the risk is much lower if there was an actual crime commited over the network. Can't send the church to prison.

Comment Re: why is this needed? (Score 2) 130

A keyboard is typically on a serial connection (like USB) nowadays which does not produce real hardware interrupts on a key stroke.
Timestamps may be created when the OS detects a keystroke, but that is based on how time is scheduled to the serial connection, the timekeeping process and so on.
It seems likely that there is a certain pattern involved here caused by the OS scheduler that will become visible in time.

Comment Re:umm what? (Score 1) 106

Maybe the system has direct control over the charger circuit, so if it locks up while the battery is being charged, it won't stop charging?
Maybe it's just the temperature sensor, which is monitored by the system, so if there is any problem with the battery overheating, the safety does not trigger?

There are countless possibilities how this may occur. The bug bricks the system, so it seems to be pretty low level.

None of this should be possible in a proper designed system, but then again the initial bug is rediculous too.

Comment Re: That's the old hobbits. What about the new? (Score 3, Interesting) 127

The recent developements in average height, as well as within the next 100 years are not due to genetics. The timeframe for that is much too small to affect a huge population in the 100mio significantly.

They are mostly attributed to better food, lack of child deseases and (debated) growth hormons in food or other industrial substances that may have the same effect.

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