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Submission + - Apple Offering 'Fake Steve' Cash to Close Shop (

An anonymous reader writes: Daniel Lyons, a.k.a. Fake Steve Jobs, made a post earlier today about how Apple was apparently offering him some money (in the wake of the ThinkSecret shutdown) to end his blog 'The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs', and that he was interested in taking it. A few hours later, Lyons made another post, saying that Apple's lawyers had contacted him angrily, saying the details of the deal were supposed to remain private. Could this be the end of the blog which has entertained us with the egomaniac rantings of "Steve" for the past year?
Operating Systems

Submission + - POSIX capabilities: Parceling the power of root

An anonymous reader writes: Linux has been using capabilities for years, but has recently acquired POSIX file capabilities. POSIX file capabilities split root user powers into smaller privileges. In this article, learn how to program using capabilities and how to switch on the ability of your system setuid root binaries to use file capabilities.

Submission + - MIT plans to win DARPA Robot Car Semifinals (

akoyfman writes: "Incredibly, MIT didn't send a team to the 2004 or 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge robot car finals. But in an effort to capture the $2 million first prize in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, four MIT engineering departments have collaborated to build what is essentially a supercomputer on wheels. Team MIT hopes its car's combination "situational awareness" (fed by a phalanx of sensors) and adaptive planning algorithms will help it successfully complete the challenge, which will be held at an urban military training course in Victorville, CA, in early November. Cambridge, MA, tech blog Xconomy sent a reporter to see the MIT car, a pimped-out Land Rover 3 bristling on the outside with radar, LIDAR, video cameras, and other sensors, and packed on the inside with processing power, including ten quad-core computers. Article: -darpa-robot-car-challenge/ Slide show: arpa-urban-challenge-car/"

Submission + - RIAA v. the People: Four Years Later (

An anonymous reader writes: This week, we will mark the fourth year anniversary of the RIAA's legal campaign against music piracy where the RIAA has threatened, settled or filed lawsuits against more than 20,000 of its own customers. Inspite of all this, P2P is as popular as ever. RIAA might be winning legal battles, but it is losing the war on music piracy

The Next Fifty Years In Space 273

MarkWhittington writes "2007 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Space Age, agreed by most to have begun with the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik, on October 4th, 1957. While some are taking stock of the last fifty years of space exploration, noting what has been accomplished and, more importantly, what has not been accomplished, others are wondering what the next fifty years might bring."

Submission + - Microsoft Fails to Gain Approval for OOXML (

Andy Updegrove writes: "Microsoft's bid to gain approval for its OOXML specification in the first round of global voting has failed. I now have official confirmation of that fact, and expect to have final numbers soon. In the meantime, Microsoft has just issued a press release, putting the best spin it can on the results. That release is titled "Strong Global Support for Open XML as It Enters Final Phase of ISO Standards Process."The release focuses on the degree of participation (51 National Bodies), and level of "support" (74% of all qualified votes, without differentiating between P and O countries).It also refers to this level of support at "this preliminary stage of the process," and compares it "favorably" to the number of countries participating in the votes to consider ODF and PDF, but without mentioning percentage levels of support, which would include Observer as well as Participating member votes.The drama will now switch to the long run up to the February 25 — 29 Ballot Resolution Meeting, and to how much Microsoft will be willing to change in OOXML in order to convert a sufficient number of no votes to yeses, in order to finally gain approval, if it can, for its beleaguered specification."
Sun Microsystems

Sun Says OpenSolaris Will Challenge Linux 405

E5Rebel writes "Sun Microsystems has ambitious plans for the commercial and open source versions of its Solaris operating system. The company hopes to achieve for Solaris the kind of widespread uptake already enjoyed by Java. This means challenging Linux. 'There's an enormous momentum building behind Solaris,' according to Ian Murdock, chief operating platforms officer at Sun, who was chief technology officer of the Linux Foundation and creator of the Debian Linux distribution. Isn't it all a bit late?"

Submission + - Did you ever loose ADSL coverage ?

binarymaster writes: Four years ago, as we recently moved to a new area, I decided to use ADSL technology for high-speed internet, being more than frustrated by our cable provider. The performance was actually good for the time back then. A year later, I switched to cable, for financial reasons. Now this is over, I wanted to have ADSL back. It is no more available. Bell, the owner of the phone lines cannot deliver the service, while it is fully working next door, based on their own checks on the line. I am told that because of the wiring, and for other reasons, such as residential area expansion, the ADSL service does not reach my house anymore. It was working four years ago, but no more. I'm asking: Did anyone else had such experience, in Canada or other country ? Is this acceptable, given the monopoly and exclusive control of the phone network ? The main page is at

Comment I'm out (Score 1, Redundant) 254

I registered very early for Flickr, back when it was in beta and you could email the founders with questions and get a reply within five minutes. I became a paying member last year but this fsckup with the Yahoo login (I don't like, or trust, Yahoo) made me delete my Flickr account.

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