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Comment Re:Why do you need an iPad and an app? (Score 1) 334

I hope you aren't suggesting that we entrust our security and a lives to just random chance are you??

We need very sophisticated, very complicated and most importantly very expensive systems to determine which line I need to stand in in order for my loved ones and I to be truly safe.

Comment If the system allows it.... (Score 5, Interesting) 156

"the practice of placing large orders that manipulate the markets and then cancelling or changing them"

If the market systems allow this behaviour then it is a problem with the system. Whether he is guilty of a crime or not is a separate issue (just because you CAN do something doesn't mean it is legal), but if the system allows it to happen then the system needs to tightened down to stop it.

Unless of course those the exploit it regularly with impunity don't want it closed...

Comment Act of "god" vs act of man. (Score 1) 176

" the research doesn't include the possibility of someone maliciously trying to hit an aircraft."

Herein lies the crux of the issue.

People generally are willing to accept act of "god" type incidents (bird strike, bad weather etc.) at levels of risk much higher than act of man type incidents (acts of terrorism etc.).

Comment Re:Plea agreement = legalized extortion (Score -1, Troll) 111

"Fuck this guy" because he is guilty....Do you know he is guilty by any other means than his pleading guilty?

Isn't the whole point of GPs comment that this could be YOU that was brought in on false charges (but maybe enough circumstantial evidence to make a full blown trial risky, or at the very least very expensive), they throw every possible charge at you so that you are forced to "admit" to a crime you didn't commit so as not to risk being completely ruined?

Then YOU are the guy that everyone is saying "fuck him, he's a real criminal" to.

Comment Re:Have seen this several times as reviwer... (Score 0) 170

There are two types of reviewers: The valuable ones that actually read a paper and try to understand it, and the worthless ones that look at title, abstract and who wrote it (usually easy to find out even in anonymous review). The first type catches these things, the second does not and quite often lets bad papers in and keeps good papers out. The second type is much more common.

Or to put it short: Peer review is broken, as there is no quality control in most cases.

Reviewed that for you.

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