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Comment Re:How Many Paid Oil/Gas Industry Trolls Post Here (Score 3, Interesting) 284

I agree completely, it's sad to see that the puppets are either swamping the moderator controls or worse still, actually influencing real moderators and commentators to the point that anti-AGW appears to be the more popular stance even on slashdot.

Also, I don't believe industry is going to be able to deny AGW forever. I'd bet that industry heads are doing everything they can to kick the can down the road so that by the time the evidence is truly overwhelming they (as individuals) have collected their bonuses and are out of the picture in terms of personal prosecution so that it is their future replacements who are left standing when the music stops.


Unsealed Court Docs Show FBI Used Malware Like 'A Grenade' (vice.com) 59

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: In 2013, the FBI received permission to hack over 300 specific users of dark web email service TorMail. But now, after the warrants and their applications have finally been unsealed, experts say the agency illegally went further, and hacked perfectly legitimate users of the privacy-focused service. "That is, while the warrant authorized hacking with a scalpel, the FBI delivered their malware to TorMail users with a grenade," Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), told Motherboard in an email. The move comes after the ACLU pushed to unseal the case dockets in September. The Department of Justice recently decided to publish redacted versions of related documents. In 2013, the FBI seized Freedom Hosting, a service that hosted dark web sites, including a large number of child pornography sites and the privacy-focused email service TorMail. The agency then went on to deploy a network investigative technique (NIT) -- a piece of malware -- designed to obtain the real IP address of those visiting Freedom Hosting sites. According to the new documents, the NIT was used against users of 23 separate websites. As for TorMail, officials have maintained that the government obtained a warrant to deploy the NIT against specific users of the service. Now, we do know that to be true: recently unsealed affidavits include a total of over 300 redacted TorMail accounts that the FBI wanted to target. All of these accounts were allegedly linked to child pornography-related crimes, according to court documents. Importantly, the affidavits say that the NIT would only be used to "investigate any user who logs into any of the TARGET ACCOUNTS by entering a username and password." But, according to sources who used TorMail and previous reporting, the NIT was deployed before the TorMail login page was even displayed, raising the question of how the FBI could have possibly targeted specific accounts.

Comment Re:whats wrong with this picture. (Score 1) 41

It's publicly available is not a good argument or excuse to vacuum it all up and analyse/monitor childrens social media.

Helpful in an active shooter scenario? If your incidence of active shooter scenarios are so high as to make this a significant reason to spy on kids then maybe spend the money to actually solve the active shooter problem.

It could pick up cries for help or threats of self harm/harming others...There is a cost to benefit judgement here that I feel the cost (kids privacy) is way too high but YMMV.

The NSA and whoever else do worse so why not have schools do a subset on students is a terrible reason.

Comment whats wrong with this picture. (Score 4, Insightful) 41

A covert surveillance tool monitoring your nations children operated by police liaison stationed on school grounds.
For their own safety of course. (Well "mostly" for their safety. No mention of what the other motivations might be).

This isn't a slippery slope. This is halfway down the mountain heading for a cliff sliding at full speed.

Comment Re:The fringe cases are still going to be hard (Score 1) 367

Do people really choose an SUV so that if they crash into a smaller car they will be better off than the people in the smaller car?
Maybe some people do. I'm sure for most it is due to things like a) more room for passengers+luggage b) higher ride height for visibility c) "offroad" capability (whether that actually gets used or not) etc.

Comment really hitting them where it hurts (Score 5, Informative) 49

Viacomm 2015 gross earnings $6.18 billion.
$500,000 fine.

Mattel 2015 gross earnings $2.8 billion.
$250,000 fine.

For an individual earning $100,000 gross income that equates to roughly to $8 and $9 fines respectively*. That will really teach them to think twice about breaking federal law by enabling tracking of children through their sites. What a joke.

* that's assuming the individual is taxed at the same rate as the corporations. Which they aren't. So the relative amount is even lower.

Comment Re:Another reminder of why wait before buying (Score 1) 467

It's almost like the majority of players who put up their hard earned cash for this game aren't wisened old neckbeards like yourself...
What sort of percentage of monthly income do you think $60 is for a 17 year old?
I'll give you a hint. It's a significant amount.

The Distribution of Ages of No Man's Sky Players
Sample Size: 1799
Average Age: 25
Mode (Most popular age): 17
Second most popular age: 18
Third most popular age: 21

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