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Comment Re:Socialism run amok (Score 1) 123

> But very costly if the govt got there hands on it

In Europe our experience is that the private version of public transport offers less service and is way more expensive (even with Government subsidies/being rented by the government after being sold). This is not strange considering that the value a public transport service offers to society (for instance getting people where they need to be to do their job) is way bigger than the price an individual is willing to pay for it.

Comment Re:If we evolved to have them... (Score 1) 260

Well, one of the theories regarding Crohn's disease and UC (both auto-immune bowel diseases) is that those people are missing a parasite. The disease apparently exist mostly/only in countries with high hygienic standards maybe also combined with certain dietary habits.

They are therefor experimenting with reintroducing certain parasites (and not just bacteria) in the human gut to counter the disease since pumping someone full with hormones or turning someones immune system off has its side effects.

So if you want side effects of not enough bacteria, this could be one.

Comment Re:Nothing you can do... (Score 1) 888

There is wisdom in this, true, but it's not common wisdom. And there aren't enough of the wise in this world to make up for the perfect crapstorm you get from the unwashed hordes. If some of the unwashed hordes are in control of some aspect of your life (like employment prospects), you have to decide if the admiration of the "cool few" is worth it. Simple cost-benefit analysis, really. "I gain this, I lose this. Is the final sum positive?"

I am wondering if this will change in the future. When everything can be found out about everyone, would the net result of so much knowledge not be that it devaluates? Will there come a time when people accept a certain number of drunken facebook pictures because they can be found for everyone?

And if we stay with the costs analysis: The costs of keeping a clean slate are very high. You have to be in tight control of your life every step of the way. You don't have to read Freud to imagine what might happen at some point.

I do not deny that we are social creatures that judge other people. But what we use to base our judgment on changes over time (not necessarily for the better, it just changes). Women can show their ankles these days, but there used to be a time when that was shocking and/or arousing.

Comment Re:Nothing you can do... (Score 1) 888

This reply is just a hair away from: you only have to worry about your privacy if you have got something to hide.

I think the the attitude has to change regarding this sort of thing. I once heard that in some conservative circles people tend to distrust those who were not communist or socialist when they were young. Or in other words: when you are young you are allowed to do stupid things, otherwise you are somehow not right in the head when you are older.

But that is in Europe of course.

Comment Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

The biggest problem for me is that all parts of our culture are not ours at all, they belong to someone else and that person decides what we are permitted to do with it. And if there is some new technology developed down the road you have to update (=buy new versions) of your complete media library. Besides, I think it is funny (to put it mildly) that parts of laws and treaties that have to do with copyright law are kept secret even for our democratic representatives. If it would have to do with terrorism or something like that it would sound a little plausible, but why does that apply to copyright and intellectual property? And why do big corporations think that they have the right to write the actual proposals for laws, even if that law has to do with the protection of the things they claim a copyright of. Making laws is none of their business, that is supposed to be a democratic process. The end result of that all is - among other things - video's being deleted from youtube because there is some music playing in the background. And then I (and presumably a lot of people) just say frell it.

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