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Comment Where's the story? (Score 1) 585

I don't see how these two topics are tied together. The article is full of a few facts and plenty of uninformed opinion. Parts of the scrolls have been displayed in PUBLIC in the past. I've seen them in Milwaukee WI.

  I also personally know scholars who have studied the scrolls. So they finally got around to putting them on the internet. Great. But the author of this article is the paranoid one - we weren't suffering from any type of information paranoia until he showed up.

Comment Boxes and Letters (Score 1) 734

The digital age hasn't killed the post office. they're just too focused on what they used to do: letters. Inability to change is killing the USPS. They should be focused on what people do now: buy goods online and have it shipped in a box to their home. I almost never see the USPS listed as a shipping option. The post office needs to ask themselves why this isn't so, and then figure out how to fix it.

Comment Senior Seminar Project (Score 1) 146

My senior seminar project as a CS undergrad (2005) was the creation of a motion sensing surveillance system. Part of the demonstration I did during the presentation was to show how my software could monitor cameras from around the world for motion. In many cases I had no idea where the cameras were physically located. Later as part of my Masters thesis (2010), I extended the software to include face recognition... now it can identify "John Doe" and you can have it tell you when it see's specific people in a specific scene (white lists, black lists and reports on who has been seen).

I've always thought that combining the face recognition and motion sensing features with a library of pictures harvested from Facebook and LinkedIn would result in something very interesting from many points of view...

Comment Checksums - 1 feature ZFS has that Ext4 doesn't (Score 4, Informative) 235

hmmm, well the most obvious feature that ZFS has that Ext4 does not is check summing.

That feature is one reason why ZFS is better (it will tell you if your disk is going bad, and if you have a raid setup, it will go get the good data for you). However, this is also one reason why ZFS is slower... it spends time making sure your data is safe and that it always gives you the correct bits from your disk.

That single feature is why I run FreeBSD (looking forward to kFreeBSD/debian!) on my file server in a mirrored raid configuration. Yes, it is "slower", but I still pull data off that server at over 50MB/sec on my home gigabit lan! The specs on that server aren't great either... 2GB ram, and an old 1.6GHZ single core sempron.

Comment Re:OSNews? Thom Holwerda? Seriously? (Score 2, Insightful) 176

I agree and that's why I use it for internet facing machines I don't want have to worry about!
Just look at the 4.7 release. There were 7 patches for the kernel & userland 2 of which were categorized as security. The best someone attacking the system could do is cause a daemon to crash or possibly cause a panic. During the same 6 month time frame linux quite a few more security issues crop up including one that could be used to get root on a box. ouch.

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