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Comment Misleading headline (Score 1) 282

"Linking Without Permission Violates Copyright, Rules EU Court" suggests that all links without permission violate copyright. That's not the decision in this case. The ruling concerns links to copyrighted materials illegally stored on another site, and only links from commercial sites at that. To construe this ruling as "the end of the World Wide Web" has some have done here is silly.

Comment Re:They still don't get the difference between cod (Score 1) 71

At one of my clients, we use MailScanner plus clamd to scan incoming mail. Clamd has a switch to treat all Office files with macros as viruses so they get sent to quarantine. At this particular client no one has the need to exchange macro-enabled Office files so this is an effective defense. Of course, other organizations might have valid uses for such files. I'd solve that by whitelisting particular senders while continuing to ban any other macro-enabled Office documents.

Comment Re:Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (Score 2) 321

Stevens decision in the Betamax case applies only to time-shifting of advertiser-supported content carried by television stations. He specifically excluded pay-TV services like the then-new HBO. Stevens found that the fair-use defense applied because time-shifting via VCRs expanded the audience for the advertising. Downloading content from YouTube with the advertising included intact might qualify under the Betamax decision, but that would require a new court proceeding.

Comment Re:now they can concentrate on ignoring mentally i (Score 1) 350

the next generation won't even ever have the guns we have

The youngest generation of Americans simply do not own guns at anywhere near the rates of prior generations. Grouping people in the NORC's General Social Survey by date of birth shows that gun ownership rates have fallen by an absolute 10% for each generation after what Pew Research calls the "Silents," people who became adults between 1946 and 1963. For the "Millennial" generation of people born after 1980, only about 20% report the presence of a gun in the household, down from 50% among the "Silents."

Personally I favor strict licensing provisions for gun ownership with background checks, testing, and liability insurance. It should be at least as difficult to own and use a gun as it is to own and drive a car.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 712

As far as I can tell, the primary motivation for Windows 8 was to try and regain some traction in the mobile device market along with Microsoft's new best friend Nokia. This announcement reinforces my belief that Microsoft doesn't see the desktop as a profitable investment, nor thay they care as much about the enterprise as they did either. Then there is the Surface which could compete quite effectively in the tablet market and, with the detachable keyboard, in the netbook/laptop segment. In these markets direct sales to consumers are the driving force.

That leaves the question of where the enterprise will be heading over the next decade. Cloud services do not have much appeal; corporate data needs to be on internal servers. Most companies will stick with Windows, of course, but the opportunity for new entrants is opening up. I wouldn't be surprised to see Oracle start competing for desktops with an end-to-end solution based on its Sun servers, the Oracle database, and Oracle Linux on the desktop. Canonical is also focused on consumers, RedHat doesn't have the clout that Oracle does, and Novell is so 90's.

Comment Re:Just happy to see a Republican supporting scien (Score 1) 457

Bryn Mawr have been very generous with us. It's worth a shot.

My daughter wants to go to med school and maybe transition to public health later in her career. I'm not worried about her employment prospects. Bryn Mawr also does very well with students who intend to go for a Ph.D in the sciences. A few months back the Washington Monthly published a set of college ratings that use different criteria than USA Today does. Bryn Mawr turns out to be their top-ranked liberal arts college because of things like the generosity of its aid packages, the percentage of students going on for doctorates, and other measures like community service. I thought it might have scored in the top twenty or thirty schools, but I never expected to find it at the top of the list. Washington Monthly reported an average "net price" for Bryn Mawr of $19,316 after financial aid is factored in.

I also have a niece at McGill. Tuition for foreigners is a lot more than that $2,200 figure, but much less than tuition at an American private institution. The drawback is that foreign students don't receive financial aid. So it could be more expensive than an American school with an aid package, or less depending on what is offered.

Comment Re:Just happy to see a Republican supporting scien (Score 1) 457

My daughter is majoring in biology at Bryn Mawr, and the College has been quite generous to us. That seems true for many private institutions with reasonably-sized endowments. I'm surprised that [big expensive school] wasn't more generous. Is it all women? Single-sex womens' colleges are always on the lookout for talented young ladies.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 1774

Nearly half of American adults believe humans were created out of whole cloth by God within the past 10,000 years, a figure that has hardly changed at all in over three decades. Belief in evolution without any guidance from God has risen from 9% in 1982 to a whopping 15% in 2012. When pastors and parents say one thing, and teachers say another, apparently what the teachers say falls on deaf ears.

Comment Re:Just use Postgresql (Score 1) 336

Last I saw it had to be 'user'@'hostname'. Maybe that's no longer true, but if it still requires the quotes, then many new users will be puzzled why the command you gave doesn't work. It certainly looks like it should work.

PostgreSQL provides a simple command-line program "createuser".

I post frequently on Ubuntu Forums, and regardless of how hard or easy you (or I) may think using the GRANT command in the mysql command-line client might be, it doesn't seem that easy to naive users just starting out. Most of them have no idea that a command-line client even exists, much less how to use it to manage users. If they can't find what they need immediately in phpmyadmin, or something goes awry while installing Wordpress, they are lost.

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