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Comment Re:iTunes bad, new iPods not much better (Score 1) 390

iTunes has always been a frustration to work with. I have thousands of MP3s in mine, mostly OTR and the concept of one central library isn't too bad, but the inability to create folders within folders, for organization, is exasperating. It's like these designers never thought anyone would like to organize more than 1 folder deep.

Just create separate playlists -- there are playlist folders you can use as well. If you are talking about the file system organization, you can ask iTunes to leave the files alone, giving you full control over how your music files are organized.

Comment Re:Sadly true (Score 1) 390

Having worked with iTunes Music Library XML file using Python, I knew of Apple's focus with songs, not albums (BTW, great record "You're the Guy..." -- you wouldn't happen to have the long version of "Sharkey's Night"?). I also think they need to work on their review interface. Not sure how Ping will evolve, but right now it looks very immature for an Apple service, almost like it was filler for the Sept. 1 iPod show.

Comment Re:How Does the Same Company Make iPods and iTunes (Score 1) 390

Hmmm. I don't have the same experience as you. I use iTunes daily without issue. It works fine with my iPhone. It has yet to be "ill-behaved". My only issue with Ping, which I think is a great concept, is that it will probably languish and not catch on. Right now there is not much to it, and without some major initiative on Apple's part to seed it with worthwhile connection opportunities, I don't see it taking off.

Comment Re:S peechless (Score 1) 282

While the above is probably rightly marked flamebait, there is a truth hidden in the midst of it. Czech policies on some level have been causing massive migration of Romi to France and Italy, sparking off the recent debate over who's allowed to be in what country (despite fairly broad travel agreements under EU treaty).

I believe the issue with the Romi is not the right to travel to France and Italy, but the right to stay there. Similar to the U.S. and people staying here beyond their visa limits.

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