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Comment Re:Everybody wants to rule the Internet (Score 0) 346

Greeks invented democracy...Sorry USA, you can't take it over without paying off some of the national debt your members hold. When something becomes so democratic that pretty much the whole world needs it, putting a price tag to that thing is the best way to have the rest of the world hate you even more.

Submission + - Paul Christoforo tries to extort money from Avenge (

yuldude writes: Well, after pissing off one of founder by disrespecting a customer.

Paul, who still has access to Avenger Controller's GoDaddy account,has parked the domain.

Then, went on tweeting things such as:
"if they fuck with me, I got all these websites all over me. Whatever I tell them to write, they write"

According to the new PR, Moises Chiullan, at Avenger, Paul is asking for money in exchange for the GoDaddy account access.
His demands include a contract written on his terms and substantial compensation, both immediate and for as long as the company continues to exist.

Submission + - Should ICANN intervene against enom? (

yuldude writes: So I was looking at buying a domain off of enom. I was shocked when I noticed that enom offers to purchase the same domain I just typed but with capital letters in it. (look at the first "also available for registration" of any search that you make)

So basically they are looking at selling the same domain twice. I would say that is less then acceptable from a ICANN certified domain registrar!


Submission + - Wind Mobile regrets investing in Canada

MrShaggy writes: "The billionaire financier behind the Wind Mobile cellular telephone company says he regrets getting involved in Canada in the first place.

That's one of several revelations made by Naguib Sawiris, the Egyptian founder of the Orascom media conglomerate, in an interview with the CBC's Amanda Lang.

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