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Comment Re:Delusions of Grandeur (Score 4, Informative) 152

Actually, you're pulling that quote entirely out of context. If you read the entire interview below from where that quote originates, you'll find the comment is in jest and the whole interview is flippant and comedic in tone; Shatner never gives serious answers. As a post further up notes, "big targets are easy to hit" and though I don't wish to be an apologist, I think you may have mistook his unusual and occasionally brilliant approach to self deprecation via aggrandizement as someone who is actually delusional:


Submission + - Self-cleaning technology from Mars can keep terres (sciencedaily.com)

jerryjamesstone writes: Find dusting those tables and dressers a chore or a bore? Dread washing the windows? Imagine keeping dust and grime off objects spread out over an area of 25 to 50 football fields. That's the problem facing companies that deploy large-scale solar power installations, and scientists have now presented the development of one solution — self-dusting solar panels based on technology developed for space missions to Mars.

Submission + - Nanoparticles Create Ultra-Vibrant LED Screens (inhabitat.com)

MikeChino writes: A startup called Nanosys has created a nanomaterial coating that makes colors on LED backlit displays more vibrant while preserving the energy efficiency of normal LEDs. The process works by adding a phosphor material made out of nanoparticles to standard blue LEDs. The nanoparticles can add virtually any hue to a display — but with improved color saturation compared to regular LED displays.

Comment Re:Already have Safari, kbyethnx (Score 1) 251

It would seem, then, that viewing the same number of pages in distinct processes vs within the same process would use more memory.

This is true, but perhaps chrome uses some clever copy-on-write VM technology? Or (gasp) perhaps windows does? Any VM guys want to comment?

But the GP's claimed memory management benefits come from the ability to find pages that cause memory leaks somehow and close their processes, I believe. No idea how well it works in practice, but when I have ventured into windows and used chrome in the past, closing down lots of tabs would indeed free up lots of memory, for sufficient quantities of lots, and it did seem to exhibit far more aggressive reductions than firefox.


WV Voters Say Machines Are Switching Votes 900

An anonymous reader writes "Three Putnam County voters say electronic voting machines changed their votes from Democrats to Republicans when they cast early ballots last week. This is the second West Virginia county where voters have reported this problem. Last week, three voters in Jackson County told The Charleston Gazette their electronic vote for 'Barack Obama' kept flipping to 'John McCain.'"

Journal Journal: OpenBSD: GPL violator?

Michael Buesch, lead developer of the Linux driver for Broadcom's wifi chipset (bcm43xx), stumbled across copied code in the OpenBSD's bcw driver earlier this week. The problem is that the bcm43xx linux driver uses a GPL license. OpenBSD inadvertently makes that linux code available to be used in a proprietary manner, by virtue of its BSD license (and not giving proper attribution where due).

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