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Comment Re:No financial incentive? (Score -1) 595

I know your ignorant so I forgive you. Oncologists collect fees for administering chemotherapy. Last time I was at the doctor (and I had an apointment) I waited 3 hr past my appointment so the doctor could let a bunch of old people with no appointment collect prescriptions. Hell he didn't leave the waiting room just stood by the front counter writing prescriptions. Now that joke of a doctor was getting paid $65 for each 15 minute visit and he was actually spending 2-3 minutes per person. Not getting paid for writing a prescription huh? If a doctor can't charge for one thing they are creative and try to find another way to make up the money like charging for sick notes. The guy is already making $65 per visit that is supposed to be 15 min but never is [last time the doctor after a 3 hr wait said I could only tell her one syptom per visit] (if i went to work and billed 15 min for every 5 min of work i'd be fired) and since you need that sick note its an extra $20 so the doc makes $85 for 5min and thats after you wait for an hr or two. Or how about when you go to the emergency room and the doc goes flying out the door every time someone comes in so the nurse has to call him on his cell while he stands outside having a smoke so get paid for 4 hr every time he is called into the hospital and he will do this several times a day some days he gets more than 24 hr per day I was in the bar and heard one of the local doctors bragging about his 40 hr work DAY!!!

Comment Wow thats some detailed study. (Score -1) 403

Do they use these same methods for testing prescription drugs? I think not. Also FTFA "The study used the standardized ginkgo extract from Schwabe Pharmaceuticals that is regulated and sold as a medication in Germany." He didn't test the plant just gave some people a pill put out by a pharma company. Here let me explain vitamin C if you buy it from a pharma company they say you need 150 mg per day where a non pharma company will recommend 500 to 1000 mg, also the pharma version is asorbic acid while non pharma is usually a plant extract that contains so much asorbic acid when digested. Vitamin C as in asorbic acid sold a chewable tabs destroys your teeth
Also he is testing old people who may or may not have memory problems noone said ginko would cure alzimers. The ginkgo biloba dosage is very important, because in low doses it may not be effective, while in high doses it may produce side effects.

Comment Time to stop any jerkoff from starting an ISP. (Score -1) 206

By cutting off the botnet's pool of domain names, the antibotnet operatives ensured that bots could not reach Mega-D-affiliated servers that the overseas ISPs had declined to take down.
Don't allow overseas ISP real estate on the internet, why allow an ISP that condone/allow such activity, the ability to even access the internet?

Comment Re:The easiest way to stop terrorism: (Score 0, Interesting) 147

The empire that blew up the building in Oklahoma was your precious US gov. A number of federal employees were killed in the explosion, but no BATF employees. There were, as everyone knows, BATF offices in the Murrah Federal Building. But very shortly after the bombing, we learned that no BATF personnel were even injured – because none were in the building. Why were all BATF personnel away from their desks on a regular weekday morning?
One of the first rescue workers on the scene, an Oklahoma City police officer named Terrence Yeakey, had expressed deep concern about some of the things he saw to family members. One day not long after he turned up dead. His death was ruled a suicide. Shades of Vince Foster: a very unusual "suicide" it was. The man apparently cut his wrists, made another cut on his elbow and then cut both sides of his neck around the jugular vein. Having already lost a great deal of blood, he was able to walk out into a fenced-off area at the outskirts of the city where he shot himself. His service revolver was not the weapon used. No autopsy was done, despite it being standard procedure to do an autopsy when a police officer dies under unusual circumstances. The obvious question: was Officer Yeakey about to reveal information about the Oklahoma City bombing? Members of his family think so, but of course no one can prove it. Officer Yeakey’s briefcase had disappeared. It turned up later, but had been in the hands of the police who did not want to release it to his family. There was plenty of time and opportunity for someone so inclined to have removed incriminating documents or photographs.
U.S. Judge Wayne Alley, whose office was located in the Federal Building, reported the next day of having been warned in a Justice Department memo about an unspecified "terrorist act" to be directed against the Federal building? Who issued this memo, and what happened to it? Judge Alley’s statement was published in the Portland Oregonian. Since then he has refused to repeat the allegation and refused all requests for interviews. Why? Along very similar lines, the Oklahoma City Fire Department was allegedly warned by the FBI the weekend before the bombing to be on alert for something that would take place over the next few days.

Comment Big woop. (Score -1) 274

3/4 of the plants the the world used for human consumption are threatened/damn near extinct ( except in their genetically modified form) thanks to Monsanto. Take mangoes, monsanto's modified mangos have cross pollinated with all the non monsanto mangos now all the mangos are monsanto. Here in Canada if your neighbours round up ready canola cross polinates with your canola you have to pay monsanto for their crop infecting yours. And as far as the coffe maybe they should stop cutting down trees to raise cows? And give the global warming a break can't find anything else to blame? The earth was warmer in the past than it is now so why didn't all these plants and animals die out in the midevil warming period. remember one degree with kill thousands of species of plants and animals right? How come it is alright for monsanto to kill off thousands of species of plants replacing them with geneticaly modified wierdos and then the governments gives them patents on all the plants. Didn't know most of your food is patented huh?

Comment Re:Really Bad Idea (Score -1) 259

Funny I learnt that in public school. Are you trying to tell me they are lying to kids in schools? Or maybe they just never got around to revising the textbooks in Canada to agree with this global warming scam. Ever hear of the Lost Squadron? Geologists were taking ice samples claiming they were very old and then OMG where did that plane part come from? And there is ample proof of farming grain in Greenland.

Comment Re:Really Bad Idea (Score -1) 259

Perhaps you can explain to me why the Viking farmed grapes in Greenland between 800 and 1200 AD? Global warming got them right? I believe that they were frozen out and then quite literally pushed out by a glacier. Maybe you could put that in context for me. But none of the global warning fanatics have ever explained this. Watch none will answer the question just mod me troll. Why? Because the global warming fanatics are the ones doing the cherry picking to try and argue their point and when they fail to argue their point they get all crazy eyed and freak out start pointing and screaming climate denier. Kind of like Chatholics running around in the middle ages screaming heretic.

Comment Better than canada. (Score 1, Interesting) 395

Over half of what I earn goes to the government in taxes. Most of which get wasted so industry doesn't have to pay to expand their infastructure. OT but for example my power bill just went up to pay for new transmission lines to the states. But the people in the states can buy power produced an hr away from me for half the price I pay.

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