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Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

You do know that bank transfers are not a europe specific thing :)

I just bought something and the payment was divided in 3 equal payments... on multiple occasion, I don't personally want to give my bank information each time I make such a purchase. It creates a more serious problem, as if you give your bank information to each merchant for that kind of transaction then you have in effect recreated the same problem with your bank account.

At least with a credit card number, it is a lot easier to change it and there is an expiration date

Comment Run an intrusion detection system (Score 1) 279

It depends on how much efforts you want to put into this. The best way to detect these kind of weird behaviors is using an intrusion detection system/ deep packet inspection at the router level. You can limit the damage they would do with a few firewall rules. As was mentioned, Having an additional layer behind your internet router can slow people down and at least prevent people from harming your local network.

The problem is a lot of these IOT devices, is they can roam freely and some automatically connect to multiple public wifis... so if they are vulnerable they go across networks.

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