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Submission + - OSS vs. Shareware in a Small Internet Community

yotto writes: "I am a nonvocal member of a fairly insular internet community. I have written an XSLT file to process an XML file that this community uses, to turn that XML into a set of web pages. My process is functional but not pretty, and I'm considering submitting the project to Sourceforge and announcing it on my community's message board to get help and make the project better. However, not only does the community already have a piece of software that does exactly what my XSLT file does, but that software is shareware and the author is an active and well-liked member of that community. He's also a nice guy and though I don't know him personally I have no problems with him. Has anybody ever attempted to introduce an OSS project into a community that already likes their closed-source, shareware solution? Was there a backlash and much hatred, or did everything work out? Or did your project fizzle because nobody helped?"

Submission + - Planet Retcon Radio starts Season 2

yotto writes: "Planet Retcon Radio, a sci-fi audio theater podcast, has just kicked off season 2 of their award-winning production with a new series, The Log of the Crimson Lien. The Crimson Lien is a small trading space ship and its two pilots try — and sometimes even succeed — to make their way unscathed in the big, bad universe, and maybe make a few bucks along the way."

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