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Submission + - Just $699.99 for the rights to that code! (

yorugua writes: Oh no!!. But yes... Surely you felt something was missing all this time, don't you? Something you checked every day on. Something that could came back to haunt you. Now it is real!. SCO has appealed. I don't speak much legalese, so here are some words from Groklaw: "Plaintiff, The SCO Group, Inc., hereby appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit from the Jury Verdict entered in this action on March 30, 2010, the district court’s evidentiary rulings at trial, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law dated June 10, 2010, Memorandum Decision and Order Denying SCO’s Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law or, in the alternative, for a New Trial dated June 10, 2010, and the Final Judgment entered on June 10, 2010." . So according to IBM's ^H^H^H Goklaw's PJ, "They're appealing everything, in short, or they'd like a new trial. Because three trials isn't enough when you're not having fun. Speaking of which, I confess. I'm so sick of SCO I could spit.". So, if you got hooked up by FIFA's World Cup and were wondering what to focus your attention on, then get those $699 ready to buy your rights to that code! Or are they just buying more time?

Submission + - Steve Ballmer on MS Server, Linux, Yahoo & mor

yorugua writes: Furniture trembled as Steve Ballmer was to be interviewd by InformationWeek Then he went to talk about Linux : 'How does Microsoft beat Linux? The same way "you beat any other competitor: You offer good value, which in this case means good total cost of ownership," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says.', Embrace-Extend-Extinguish: 'We say when we embrace standards, we'll be transparent about how we're embracing standards. ... If we have deviations, we'll be transparent about the deviations. Does Steve has a chance of moving Linux out of its today "confortable chair", such as in scientific workloads? What do you think?

Submission + - AMD to extend K8 architecture in 2008? (

yorugua writes: According to this fine article, , AMD plans to keep "Brisbane" around, and release new chips based on it. Last week AMD CEO Hector Ruiz vowed that the company would stop hemorrhaging cash and return to profitability soon. "That is our number one goal right now," Ruiz said in a conference in Bangalore. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ will be the first to jump on the new 65nm K8 bandwagon with a 65W TDP in 1Q08. AMD will also update its "Energy Efficient" series and will release three new chips, the AMD Athlon 4850e, Athlon 4450e, and Athlon 4050e in Q2 2008. All of the new offerings will be based on AMD's Brisbane core and will feature a 45-Watt thermal envelope. Will this help AMD? Is there any chance the K10 would become what it was supposed to be?

Submission + - The *REAL* facts of Linux vs Windows ?

yorugua writes: From the report: "Considering the publicity that has surrounded — and, despite super new security-focused Service Packs, continues to surround — Windows security issues, Microsoft's determination to demonstrate that Linux is less secure than Windows shows a certain chutzpah. The company has however had some support here; Forrester, for example, provides some numbers that can be used to support the contention that Microsoft flaws are less severe, less numerous and fixed faster. And although there's a general readiness among users to believe that Windows is a security disaster area, there's also a reasonable amount of support for the view that Linux would get just as many security issues if it had anything like Windows' user base.". PDF available at indows_vs_linux.pdf . Let the flam^H^H^H^Hdiscussion begin.

Submission + - Ballmer and more news about the Novell-SuSE Deal

yorugua writes: According to Ballmer in a recent interview available at;83959 3139;fp;16;fpid;1 , "Novell pays us some money for the right to tell customers that anybody who uses SUSE Linux is appropriately covered,". Ballmer added that this "is important to us, because [otherwise] we believe every Linux customer basically has an undisclosed balance-sheet liability." So, are the remaining distros and its users at any risk of being pressured by M$ sometime down the road ? Do Linux users OWE M$, well, $ ?

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