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Comment BTW, what CHEAP options are there for x64 Tablets? (Score 2) 154

I never really had the use for an tablet and hence don't own one, except a old B&W NOOK ebook ready with Android.

Now, what I would really like is to use

1. [Preferably] Ubuntu on a tablet to run wine and use RosettaStone for language learning

2. Use Windows to run Rosetta Stone.

This may be an option in the future:

But currently, what are the options for CHEAP x64 tablets?

I wish I could buy the cheap AMAZON Fire but RosettaStone won't run on it. The Web Version (Android/iOS) does not compare to the computer version.
Any suggestions highly appreciated. I am willing to root the device.

Comment Re: She killed the calculator group. Never forget! (Score 1) 328

Well, my HP48G is sitting at home. On a daily basis I use a HP48G Android App. Same thing. HP Prime looks interesting: But I guess I am fine with the HP48G Android App and Sage Math Client App: Yes, it was a nice calculator. But in theses days I don't need a calculator anymore. Neither do I need a watch or a camera. All these things a sufficiently done based on my needs by my Android phone.

Comment This is not what I want. (Score 1) 105

And also, Microsoft? My Washing Machine will show a blue screen? WTF! I would prefer a washing machine with the following features: * robust, reliable technology * fair to competitively priced * Using hardware like Arduino or Rasperry as the controller. * Using some flavor of linux if using Rasperry. I buy such a machine tomorrow if offered. If you have the balls and the time you can kind of build your own:

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