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Comment I pass! (Score 1) 81

Outlook as bad as Gmail. Besides privacy issues, outlook always blocks my email. I live in China, use VPN, Outlook und Gmail always block my Thunderbird IMAP access. If you have bad luck with Gmail, it can happen that you never can access your account again. Try calling google. Good luck! Get email in Switzerland (Non EU, Non US jurisdiction) with your own domain here: or use (Email included)

Comment The Internet did not kill Playboy. Playboy killed (Score 2) 259

The Internet did not kill Playboy. Playboy killed itself. I once knew a girl that worked at Playboy. She told me that by far, the majority of employees are women. I am not surprised. As far as I know, the DAUGHTER of the founder is in charge of the magazine but I may be wrong. So women writing and designing a magazine made for men. Not surprised this is heading for disaster. If I remember correctly, they once showed Marge Simpson (from the comic series) naked. I mean, really? Besides that, I find the pictures overly artistic and photo-shopped. Pink and Amy (English site seem to be discontinued) has often nice picture. Just an example (not a very good one):

Comment BTW, what CHEAP options are there for x64 Tablets? (Score 2) 154

I never really had the use for an tablet and hence don't own one, except a old B&W NOOK ebook ready with Android.

Now, what I would really like is to use

1. [Preferably] Ubuntu on a tablet to run wine and use RosettaStone for language learning

2. Use Windows to run Rosetta Stone.

This may be an option in the future:

But currently, what are the options for CHEAP x64 tablets?

I wish I could buy the cheap AMAZON Fire but RosettaStone won't run on it. The Web Version (Android/iOS) does not compare to the computer version.
Any suggestions highly appreciated. I am willing to root the device.

Comment Re: She killed the calculator group. Never forget! (Score 1) 328

Well, my HP48G is sitting at home. On a daily basis I use a HP48G Android App. Same thing. HP Prime looks interesting: But I guess I am fine with the HP48G Android App and Sage Math Client App: Yes, it was a nice calculator. But in theses days I don't need a calculator anymore. Neither do I need a watch or a camera. All these things a sufficiently done based on my needs by my Android phone.

Comment This is not what I want. (Score 1) 105

And also, Microsoft? My Washing Machine will show a blue screen? WTF! I would prefer a washing machine with the following features: * robust, reliable technology * fair to competitively priced * Using hardware like Arduino or Rasperry as the controller. * Using some flavor of linux if using Rasperry. I buy such a machine tomorrow if offered. If you have the balls and the time you can kind of build your own:

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