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Submission + - AT&T Releases the Tilt (

yonp writes: AT&T released yet another Windows Mobile 6 smart device, the AT&T Tilt. Here is a review of the device:

"The Tilt's new trick is the display angle: it's adjustable. Rather than sliding out in a flat plane parallel with the keyboard, you can tilt it up for a notebook-like viewing angle. Whether holding it in two hands or resting on a desktop we found this a great improvement. Once again, HTC has us wondering why no one thought of this simple but important improvement in usability. The display section slides to the left and once extended can be tilted up as desired."

Technology (Apple)

Submission + - New MacBook Pro Benchmarked against the Old

yonp writes: Apple released the Santa Rosa MacBook Pro this week, here is a write up about the new MacBook Pro. Be sure to click on the benchmark page and see the benchmark against the last gen MacBook Pro.

"No write up on any Apple product can get by without asking the question "Why would I spend so much on an Apple when I could buy an X from Y for just $Z?" Let's look at the new MacBook PRO; in 15" screen with 2Gb RAM and 256 meg graphics, it's $2,499... I could buy THREE Dell laptops for that sort of money; seriously; check out the Inspiring 6400 or whatever it's called but, I reckon that, as you've read this far, you're with me... you don't want a Dell, not even three of them. You want a cool laptop... join me as we go over to the dark side of premium consumer products."

Submission + - HTC Touch to Counter the Apple iPhone (

yonp writes: "Report on the HTC's Touch Phone:
"Well guys and gals, this assuredly looks cool: an HTC Windows Mobile Professional 6 Pocket PC phone with HTC's newly developed TouchFLO screen technology that recognizes gestures and can tell the difference between a stylus and finger. They've created a new Today Screen that takes advantage of this new technology with large icons and gesture sensitive actions. It might not be an iPhone, but it surely sounds like a compelling improvement to Windows Mobile devices.""

Linux Business

Submission + - Dell Starts Selling Linux PCs

yonp writes: "Dell today announced three systems, two desktop machines and one notebook, with the Ubuntu 7.04 Linux factory installation. MobileTechReview posts:

"Available in the U.S. after 4:00 p.m. CDT today at, the systems target the Linux enthusiast community and are a direct result of extensive customer feedback received since February via, the company's Web site for fielding customers' suggestions to improve products, services and operations. About 30,000 IdeaStorm community members advocated that Dell offer systems with Linux pre-installed, and more than 100,000 participated in a follow-up survey to help determine customer preferences, including which Linux distribution to offer initially.""

Submission + - T-Mobile Wing Doesn't Fly in High Speed

yonp writes: T-Mobile updates their Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone offering with the T-Mobile Wing, made by HTC. MobileTechReview has a review of the phone that has only a few things to bring it to the compete what's now a standard set of features such as Bluetooth 2.0 and a 2MP camera. The big update is Windows Mobile 6 which is expected to be on most of PPC phones/smartphones this year. Interestingly the new device seems slow in speed: "The Wing, like the MDA, is no speed demon. The last generation of GSM Pocket PC phones tried the low processor speed approach for bettter battery life and lower cost. The latest generation has largely returned to the 300 to 400MHz range while the Wing sticks with the old TI OMAP 850 CPU running at 201MHz. Indeed battery life is very good but speed is just acceptible. But application launch times, even control panels, are laggy and we occasionally found ourselves pressing a button one time too many as the delay fooled us into thinking we hadn't sucessfully pressed it the first time. Screen rotation takes about 3 seconds and launching an app for the first time (after a reboot) takes 2-3 seconds. Once a program is left running and is thus still in memory, switching back to it will only take 1 second. But given the Wing's 15.8 megs of free RAM at boot, you might not want to leave lots of memory hungry apps running in the background. The device has 64 megs of physical RAM, used like RAM in your computer, with 43.87 total shown as available, 28 megs in use and 15.82 megs free at boot which is a bit low. Things are sounding grim, aren't they?"

Submission + - Palm Announces New Palm OS Treo- the Treo 755p

yonp writes: Palm announced a new Palm OS Treo, the Treo 755p for Sprint. Review of the device on MTR says: The improvements are more than skin deep with stronger Bluetooth, improved voice quality and better pictures from the 1.3 megapixel camera. The Treo 755p runs Palm OS 5 (Garnet) and is a CDMA phone with EVDO for Sprint. It has a 320 x 320 pixel display, Bluetooth 1.2. MiniSD card slot and a higher capacity battery than the Treo 680 and 750. Is this worth upgrading? Put in your opinion!

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