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Comment Re:I am not offering a defense (Score 2, Insightful) 170

There is no reason why the Government can't do both (maintain communal harmony and continue conservation efforts). You argument is along the lines of saying that India should not have a space program when it still can't feed its citizens. Yes, resources are required for each of these efforts - but the problem here is not lack of resources, it's the proper utilisation of the same.

Submission + - India enters the supercomputing race

fermat writes: India has entered the super computing race with its very own EKA (meaning "One" in Sanskrit).It is ranked 4th fastest in the world and is the fastest in Asia with a peak performance of 170 teraflops. It was built in the Indian city of Pune by Computational Research Laboratories in collaboration with HP. CRL is owned by Tata Sons,a large business conglomerate with over $21 billion in revenue.

Submission + - Indian supercomputer ranks 4th in worldwide list

An anonymous reader writes: From the bbc: Indian supercomputer gets the 4th spot in the fastest supercomputers around the world. From the story: India enters supercomputing race A computer system designed in India has made it into a top ten of the world's fastest supercomputers. India has also entered the exclusive list for the first time with a Hewlett-Packard designed system that has a performance of 117.9 teraflops. Codenamed EKA — Sanskrit for number one — it is installed at the Computational Research Laboratories in Pune. The system will be initially targeted at developing applications such as neural, molecular and crash simulations, and digital media animation and rendering. "The supercomputer system will have a direct affect on the lives of Indians, espcially in areas such as earthquake and Tsunami modelling, modellings of the economy and potential for drug design," said Mr S. Ramadorai, chairman of the Computational Research Laboratories, which is a subsidiary of Indian firm Tata.

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