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Comment Actually decent advice for most people (Score 1) 78

is that they do one of a very few smart things when it comes to investing: brand market funds, low cost, low load. Having a commission-paid advisor for this info just cuts into your returns.

And I would venture that until you have well over $1M US, this advice would serve you pretty well. Stock picking is for fools and people with a lot of money.

Comment Re: Why Doesn't SpaceX Provide Timely Information? (Score 1) 114

Ha ha ha ha. "In production"? Really? Have you seen one? A demonstrator? Photos?

Anyway, its a little over 2 years after laying down $5K that I asked for my money back (about 7 months ago. At that time, they would not talk about a time line. Last week, my brother got an email asking him to design his X, and a note that it would be a minimum of 10 weeks before delivery.

Anyway, the point is that Musk's business model doesn't involve communicating, which isn't really up for discussion.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 380

"My computer runs well, does everything I want but I can't put the latest bells and whistles on it. Waaaaaahh."

The fact that you say that since you have an Intel Processor you should be able to run the latest OS means you don't know what you're talking about. Apple doesn't want your late night, drunken support calls, that's all.


Open Sarcasm Fighting Copyrighted Punctuation 155

pinkushun writes "SarcMark is a copyrighted punctuation mark, that claims 'It's time that sarcasm is treated equally!' Pretty damn cheeky while they're charging for their software, which only inserts their punctuation through a hotkey. Open Sarcasm is destroying SarcMark by advocating a new punctuation mark (not displaying here properly — alt+U0161) as the new open and free sarcasm symbol. Either way, this will be one interesting turnout. With bad unicode support across the web, displaying the characters properly might be an issue. PS Left out sarcastic end sentence as Slashdot doesn't display the U0161 character."

Comment Re:Sunflowers aren't so bad (Score 1) 247

Overdue? Does my wallet have memory?

But I take your point: some people are just that dumb. But MOST people aren't, and for them, jotting down a password or password mnemonic and keeping it in their wallet is way better than making a sunflower. Combine that with a strategy that limits the number of passwords and login names, and you have a pretty robust situation.

Check out Bruce Schneier's commments on this subjct if you haven't already.

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