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Comment The next big new shiny thing... again. (Score 1) 434

This seems to be the next "big new shiny thing" in crime prevention. In Germany a trade union of law enforcement officers and a foundation called "German forum for crime prevention" pushes for a system called "web-patrol" since the beginning of 2009. You can find a blog (http://webpatrol.wordpress.com/) and a presentation here (http://webpatrol.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/2009-06-09-vortrag-web-patrol-auf-14-dt-praventionstag-hannover.pdf). Nice (fake) screenshots with the panic button integrated in a browser menu bar. Sorry, but german only. Does anybody know about similar initiatives in other parts of the world?

Comment Re:Why buy the whole PS3 (Score 1) 144

That's an interesting point. You do not need the blue ray drive either and a lot of other components as well (harddisk, antennas etc. see here: http://www.gamepro.com/article/features/211942/how-to-take-apart-the-ps3-slim-in-6-steps-page-2/) It would be a lot of work but for a system this massive it could even make sense to build a custom frame for the mainboards only (power consumption? Cooling? Space?) and use some kind of flash drive for the OS. Buying just the mainboards could make sense, I guess.

Submission + - Buy a 27" LED Cinema Display, get a free Mac

yogibaer writes: Jeff Mancuso makes an interesting point about the new iMac in his blog (http://blog.expandrive.com/2009/10/20/apples-releases-new-27-led-cinema-display-comes-with-a-free-mac/): The new 27" iMac is actually 100$ cheaper than the slightly dated 30" Cinema Display, with comparable resolution and a bidirectional mini-DVI port, so it can be used simply as a monitor. In Euros (german Apple store), the difference is even greater: 1499 for the "smallest" 27" iMac vs. 1799 euros for the 30" display. Not really a bargain, but the question remains: Intentional or just strange? In other words: Why design an 27" iMac that can be used as a monitor in the first place and not release a new line of LED displays as well?

Comment Re:Google simply does not care. (Score 1) 512

A few precedents come to mind: - Google scans and publishes online millions of books without consulting publishers or authors or estates of those. it is just done. Moral pretense: Preserve knowledge, make unpublished books readliy available. The deal offered after the international outcry is a kick in the teeth for most publishers. I might be wrong here, but no teamplay with any of the manifold digital library projects (not even LoC). Sponsorship of a few libraries in exchange for access to their repositories. There has been a lot of discussion here on Slashdot as well about the quality of the "library". That is not my opinion alone, cf. for example the writings of Jean-Noel Jeanneney. - Google Streetview - remember all those people who tried to get their faces and properties erased? - Google ignores most data protection regulations that I know of (and all data protection agencies and lawyers in my neck of the woods agree) and uses every bit of data they can lay their hands on to profile and market user beahvior for advertising dollars. (and it amazes me how everybody happily tags along, but then again I do not have even a single customer loyalty card) A "Google Dashboard" has been introduced only a couple of days ago to create some transparency. From my own experience "Googleplex" looks all furry and friendly, until you start to talk (or try to negotiate) with the natives, I had an instant flashback to my happy university days and an exceptionally fruitless discussion with a group of fellow students who were members of a maoist group. That may be just my european view of the world, and I am aware that most business is a cutthroat affair. My problem is, that when you have a look at Ellison/Ballmer/Chambers/etc. they never pretend that it would be unwise to play on their turf, if you have not engaged full battle mode before doing so. If they are interested in what you do, you either will be bought or crushed if possible. Google's figureheads on the other hand cultivate that slightly nerdy (all those kindergarden-like happy places I remember) and positive image that successfully camouflages the titanium alloy endoskeleton underneath all that fluffiness. Again that might not be enough proof, but then I would have to write an article (hmmm, come to think about it...). Again: Naming the language Go is another expression of Google's general attitude. My (humble) opinion.

Comment Re:Google simply does not care. (Score 1) 512

No. I just said that the statement "do no evil" loses its meaning, if you presume, that everything you do is good per se, for all mankind, and thereby you presume again that you cannot do evil and simply do not have to care or check anymore if you are violating somebody's rights, privacy or whatever. You are always right, what's good for you must be good for everybody else. So naming a language "Go" when even a superficial search with your own engine shows you that somebody had this idea before may not be evil (that is a very strong word) but simply an expression of this attitude. Google, IMHO, has developed quite a few borderline sociopathic tendencies which are in sharp contrast with the innocent, play- and colorful "do no evil" image they promote.

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