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Comment Re:Far worse... (Score 1) 230

Around here (dallas area) no one gives two shits if the sirens go off and the weather is not bad. We aren't concerned about imminent nuclear strikes, we're concerned about being at the tail end of Tornado Alley. Perhaps you've heard of it? I got a nice day after christmas treat a year ago when a tornado went through my neighborhood and missed my house by a block. Lucky for us, when the power went out, and we couldn't watch the news, the sirens went off in enough time for use to shit ourselves in a closet.

We'll keep the system, thank you very much.

Comment Re:Not a terrible thing (Score 2) 199

yes, because every consumer should be aware of all the ways, large and small, that Apple is willing to screw them over. It's never Apples fault for being a bunch of greedy asshats, it's everyone else's fault for holding it wrong, squeezing too hard, owning too long, not going through Apple for every possible repair and just generally not letting Apple make all the decisions for your own good.

The groveling passivity of Apple apologists is disgusting.

Comment Re:A decade ago... (Score 1) 316

Not sure how you read that into my post. The entertainment industry is obsessed with remakes and reboots. When you are just massaging someone else's story, how many writers do you need? Rather than jump on the tired old 'internet is taking our jobs' bandwagon, the writers should be demanding producers and buyers start greenlighting original works. How shocking can it be when the industry has been heading this direction for years? Like any other field, if you have too many people and not enough demand, either wages tank, or people lose jobs.

Comment Re:A decade ago... (Score 2) 316

Replying to myself because I hit submit too fast.

Can these writers be that surprised that it's getting harder to make a living when much of the industry has a fear of anything original? Den Of Geek lists 120(!) movie remakes or reboots currently in progress (as of 3/15/2017). TV seems to be less paralyzed, but they can afford to throw shows out and see what catches.

Those 120 remakes...

Comment Re:Nuclear costs more to make safe (Score 2) 251

"Ignore maintenance and run the plants far beyond their lifecycle"

Which is a direct consequence of fear mongering anti nuclear people making it damn near impossible to get a new plant built. They want cheap power, but they oppose too much wind because birds, they oppose coal because pollution, they oppose gas because fracking, they oppose solar because toxic manufacturing. Then they place so much regulation and demands for 100% safety from the only other viable option (nuclear), that it's a financial disaster for any company that dares to take a risk on a 10-20 year project. Yet there's a tacit approval by the same people to keep running old reactors because god forbid we shut them down and MY electricity rate goes up x%.

Sometimes I think these people are as insidious and as harmful as anything from ISIS.

Comment Re:way too low (Score 2) 128

"$800 to suffer through anything with Tom Cruse in it."
br>To be fair, his Sci-Fi based movies, of which there are several, have been pretty good. I almost missed seeing Edge of Tomorrow because the only thing my wife knew was "Tom Cruise". I make a Cruise exception for Sci-Fi.

More on topic, if I could pay $30 and see a movie within a couple of weeks of release, I'd be all over it. This fits that gray area between "movies I will definitely see in theater" and "movies I'll wait for because the theater experience/cost isn't really worth it (especially with kids)". The movies in that latter category will usually end up with me not buying until they are in the $5 bargain bin.

Comment Re:What about Blu-Ray? (Score 1) 316

For a lot of movies, resolution just doesn't matter. Rom-Com, most dramas, who cares? If the story sucks no amount of HD will save it anyway. In the years since Blu-Ray came out, I bought far more DVD's until they started packing DVD+BluRay together for just a little more than DVD, and a little less than Blu-Ray.

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