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Comment Re:Oh yes! TOUGH! (Score 1) 726

yeah, i mean what kind of geek do you have to be to unplug connectors that go in only one way, unscrew 4 screws holding the PSU in place, then reverse the operation to install the new one. 5 minutes of google or youtube would show even the dumbest of people how to do it.

I blame Apple personally. They've created a ridiculous perception that computers (to include smartphones) are mysterious devices that the average person not only cannot fathom, but has no business even trying to mess with. They offer 'Genius' support for farks sake. How can any Apple user not be insulted by that? 'Just bring it in, we're smarter than you! If you don't pay for us to plug things in, who knows what might happen to the universe?' If this was limited to the relative minority of people that actually use Apple computers it would be sad, but not so harmful. Unfortunately, with their massive phone and tablet user base, this mindset expands to encompass any device more sophisticated than a toaster.

Comment Re:option for surrender (Score 2) 983

at the point that this guy was blown up, what was reported and what has not yet changed is that he was isolated in a parking garage and could no longer fire at random people. law enforcement, however, was unable to approach him without being targets. a stand off situation, but with no one in immediate danger. they could have sent a number of things on that robot that might have killed him, but would just as likely incapacitate him. they chose to send the one thing that was certain to kill.

do you see the problem here? deadly force is only authorized to stop someone in the act of, or in imminent threat of harming someone else. once you reach a standoff situation, with no hostages, you can't just kill the suspect because it's the safest solution. that's the kind of thing we criticize Russia for.

Comment Re:option for surrender (Score 5, Insightful) 983

" Next step is to eliminate the threat, if cops have to tie a bomb to a robot to do that, so what."

And this is where you are exactly, completely wrong. The role of CIVILIAN law enforcement is to apprehend the suspect using the least amount of force possible and turn them over to the judicial system. they are not there to assign guilt or innocence. they are not there to render punishment. they apprehend, collect the evidence, and that's it. The role of a MILITARY FORCE is to close with and destroy the enemy. I'm not comfortable with the blurring of that line. If they could strap a bomb on it, they could have put gas grenade or flash bang. The went instead for the most lethal option. If the suspect was in fact in a secured location with no means to escape then the correct choice was to wait it out. He will surrender or suicide eventually. It's been around 100 F in Dallas this week, and a few days in an open air parking garage without water would render him too weak to fight or unconscious.

Comment It's not just 'headphones' (Score 1) 771

The loss of the headphone jack doesn't just impact 'headphones'. For example I have a chronograph for getting velocities for my ammo reloading. They have a handy mobile app that records shot strings, calculates standard deviation, spread, etc, and allows you to export the data. Guess how they interface between the phone and the chrono? A 15ft cable that plugs into the headphone jack. Before you criticize, keep in mind that this interface has worked flawlessly for me over hundreds of rounds, is compatible with any apple or android smartphone that can still run the mobile app and the cord can be replaced for little cost if damaged or lost. No idea how many other things might use same method...

Comment Re:Is someone forcing you to buy an iPhone? (Score 4, Insightful) 771

The problem is millions of iPhone addicted people will buy the new phones and rationalize the loss of the headphone jack away. Other manufacturers will see the massive sales and rather than attribute it to the fact that iPhone users are unable to control themselves, they will decide that the lack of a headphone jack is what is driving sales. So of course they will remove it from their phones that point it doesn't matter if I continue to refuse to by an iPhone, the options are just as crippled.

Comment Oh Trent... (Score 1) 428

My first exposure to Nine Inch Nails came from a friend who gave me a copy of Pretty Hate Machine. You can thank that bootleg tape I got in 1990 for all the money I've spent on NIN over the years since then. Tapes, CD's, concert tickets and shwag have all made you (and other bands) richer. I was turned on to NIN and the industrial/electronica genre in general by that one sale you lost out on. Likewise, I've become a fan of and supported many bands that I encountered while doing a little random YouTube browsing and clicking things that looked interesting. I'm so very sorry you don't get a cut of every single play (sarcasm), but you're still winning in the long run.

Comment Re:Mod parent up (Score 1) 767

"As is, all you demonstrate is entitlement."

the same way you seem to feel entitled to do whatever you want, regardless of whether you're a being a dick, because "there's no law against it".

I wonder if any of the people expressing the same opinions as yourself are, or ever have been homeowners in a residential neighborhood. Nothing like having your quiet street used as a shortcut by asshats that can't bear the thought of an extra 5 minutes travel time.

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 2) 486

"You seem to forget the crusades and christian missionary expansion"

No one is forgetting it, but that was how many hundreds of years ago? Was Christianity more militant and violent then, sure. The question is why is Islam violent NOW? Given the same amount of time to grow up, why have they refused?

Comment Re:False advertising? (Score 1) 357

" just whining rightwingers claiming to be victims as usual."

HAHAAAA! As opposed to the democratic party?? As far as (D) is concerned everyone is a victim of something and someone should pay for it. I'm not endorsing Republicans here, but they aren't really the ones making a virtue of victimhood.

People need to wake up to the fact that Facebook is a social experiment. So, yes, manipulating group think based on falsely reporting "trends" that support M. Zuckerberg's personal political leanings is shady at the very least. Also, no one goes to Fox News or the New York Times and gets anything but what they expected to find.

Comment Re:Detection rates go down, products stop being us (Score 2) 74

why should these new companies be allowed to continue to use VirusTotal without giving back anything? The companies that do contribute have a cost associated with doing so, but they ALL benefit by contributing in good faith to the same pool. No one is saying these new companies have to lose access, they just won't be allowed to continue leeching the work of others for their own profit. Sounds like the greedy ones are not the contributors...

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