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Comment Re:Paying customers and age appropriate roles (Score 1) 241

"it doesn't follow that a movie producer has to indulge them"...

When some studio hands you a multi-million dollar budget to produce a film that has to make back at least 2x the budget to not be considered a flop and has to appeal to the broadest possible audience to do so, and the failure of which may end your career, come back and tell me you don't have to indulge the studios desire for specific age/race/gender. Directors and producers that have the clout to do their own thing generally got to that position by NOT doing their own thing for a long time.

I'm not saying there aren't issues in Hollywood, but if you are expecting the movie industry to lead social change you will be waiting a long time.

Comment Re:Smeg (Score 5, Interesting) 153

"Series 10? Not bothering."

Then you lose. 10 was a really nice return to what made earlier Red Dwarf so fun. Was it perfect? No, but it was light-years ahead of 7, 8 and BTE and at it's best was as good as any smeg they ever put out. You're cheating yourself as a fan if you don't give it a chance.

Comment Re:Distract from a buggy product (Score 1) 218

Yeah there's never, ever been a case where a company has used a component for a purpose it wasn't designed for, or exaggerated the capabilities of a used component. More likely is that Tesla picked Mobileeye because it was closest to being able to do what they intended, and they assumed they could provide the missing smarts in code. Mobileeye is now understandably worried about liability.

Comment Re:And people complain about Windows 10? (Score 3, Insightful) 395

Which is exactly what I said when the W10 telemetry noise started here on /. MS just looked at Apple and Google collecting craploads of data with hardly a peep from their users and said "hey let's do that too". I wasn't thrilled they did it, but wasn't very surprised. I wonder if some of the more rabid posters on ./ really believe that MS is doing something more nefarious with the data they collect than anyone else? MS is playing catch up, the nefarious use is already happening elsewhere.

Comment Re:Courage? To profit. (Score 0) 551

"What is it about Apple making accessories for their products that enrages people? Just don't buy the fucking thing."

What is it that makes this so hard to get? No one complaining probably cares what Apple does or does not do, in as much as it relates to Apple. The concern is that Apple is the 10000 lb gorilla and whatever they do, good or bad, has a good chance of being copied by every other manufacturer desperate to move another 1000 units. What they will ignore is that the iPhone addicted people that have locked themselves into the Apple ecosystem can't stop themselves. Those buyers will rationalize this change (loss) because they WILL buy another iPhone by God! The other manufacturers tend to take it as a sign of customer approval that iPhone sales will continue to be strong, not as what it really is, a sign that Apple customers will take whatever they are given.

Comment Re:Steam (Score 1) 264

You mean the SteamOS and SteamMachines that have basically been left to wither on the vine? In the end, the SteamMachine was a platform that was trying to woo PC gamers to a console format, which is a very hard sell. I'd bet MS was watching very closely to all the points where SteamMachine failed. Personally, I'd love a console that I can throw a new "video module" into every few years. I have a Core2 Duo, w/ 16GB RAM and a GTX970 in it that will play every game I throw at it. Can I crank it all to the max? Not always, but the settings I DO play at surpass consoles every time. Point being, give it a decent CPU and enough memory and the only part that needs to be upgraded over time for *most* people is the video card.

Comment Re:getting money out without effecting share price (Score 4, Insightful) 80

"What does Solar City really bring to the table that they could just get as needed?"

The ability to provide an Apple like end to end ecosystem and the attendent lock-in. Solar hardware and storage optimized for your Tesla. Go ahead, laugh, but people will buy it, just like they buy Monster HDMI cables because the bits are cleaner.
Then again, maybe it's not bad. Imagine a person that would like to go solar and get an EV, but man that crap is expensive. What if Tesla/Solar City could give you a bundle deal? Maybe even amortize your Tesla payments out over the 20 years they estimate for a Solar City installation? Do an iPhone-like upgrade program, maybe every 5 years, you pay a fee and get a new car? Damn it, now I'm starting to get myself interested.

Comment oh if only... (Score 5, Insightful) 247

if only all media companies would just say "screw it" and not post anything about the Olympics. No athlete info, no sob stories, no results, nothing, nada, zip, anywhere. I'd love to see USOC's collective heads implode. Sorry guys, but I don't care enough about the games to be funneled through your approved channels. Likely the drama in Rio won't be the games, but the sad state of the host city/country anyway. Good luck squashing THOSE stories...

Comment Re:Oh yes! TOUGH! (Score 1) 729

yeah, i mean what kind of geek do you have to be to unplug connectors that go in only one way, unscrew 4 screws holding the PSU in place, then reverse the operation to install the new one. 5 minutes of google or youtube would show even the dumbest of people how to do it.

I blame Apple personally. They've created a ridiculous perception that computers (to include smartphones) are mysterious devices that the average person not only cannot fathom, but has no business even trying to mess with. They offer 'Genius' support for farks sake. How can any Apple user not be insulted by that? 'Just bring it in, we're smarter than you! If you don't pay for us to plug things in, who knows what might happen to the universe?' If this was limited to the relative minority of people that actually use Apple computers it would be sad, but not so harmful. Unfortunately, with their massive phone and tablet user base, this mindset expands to encompass any device more sophisticated than a toaster.

Comment Re:option for surrender (Score 2) 983

at the point that this guy was blown up, what was reported and what has not yet changed is that he was isolated in a parking garage and could no longer fire at random people. law enforcement, however, was unable to approach him without being targets. a stand off situation, but with no one in immediate danger. they could have sent a number of things on that robot that might have killed him, but would just as likely incapacitate him. they chose to send the one thing that was certain to kill.

do you see the problem here? deadly force is only authorized to stop someone in the act of, or in imminent threat of harming someone else. once you reach a standoff situation, with no hostages, you can't just kill the suspect because it's the safest solution. that's the kind of thing we criticize Russia for.

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