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Comment Re:Boar is the solution (Score 2) 499

Disclaimer: I'm the author of Boar, and I think that absolutely everyone who values their files should use it. Or something similar, although I haven't found anything else that fits my needs.

Current state
The project is in beta phase...

What do I need to run it?
Boar is written in Python and tested on Windows and Linux. You will need python 2.6 or higher. Also, you should know that boar is (so far) a command line tool and will require some basic command line skills.

It's beta, only tested on Windows and Linux and you need command line skills? It doesn't sound ready for Everyone just yet. You're going to need a GUI for the majority that's not reading your post here on /.

Comment Re:kill it (Score 4, Funny) 168

"Will someone please squash this bug please."

Better yet, warm up your arm and be the first one to throw your best shot! Mulligans are allowed. My favorite McBride quote from a CRN Interview:

CRN: This lawsuit is very unpopular among many in the open-source community.

McBride: We're either right or we're not. If we're wrong, we deserve people throwing rocks at us..."

Comment Re:Got my CD in the mail a few days ago (Score 2, Interesting) 143

"I'm planning on making this one into some sort of automatics control for the house (turn the lights on, report temperature, I don't know, a bunch of lame stuff like this)."

OBSD has support for the 20 pin gpio header on a Soekris net4801 board out-of-the-box. With that you can easily make either digital or transistor switches to control things. The shell command is gpioctl which you may want to grab the source and mod it so its not reading command line arguments and can be put in your code without an os system call depending how frequently you are reading/writing the pin states.

Comment Re:Moot point (Score 1) 269

"I imagine this is also a huge factor for people who shoot conventional black-and-white photos. 256 shades of grey is not a lot of fidelity."

No, it's not a problem for BW film shooters. You scan the negative as color. I shoot lots of medium and large format BW film. I know people who scan and edit in 48-bit. Really, you can't see the difference and what there is does not matter. Like I said, subject, mood and composition trumps a 200lp/mm lens and all the measurebater technology every time. That's why a skilled photographer can win an award-winning shot with a plastic lens on a Holga next to a shot that just woos you with fine fidelity and sunglasses color and is boring. YMMV.

Comment Re:Moot point (Score 1) 269

12-bits of color will not increase the number of stops of light your camera can capture. In the case you described, there are physical limits. If you exceed that, your SOL without combining multiple exposures. So you could use a medium format digital which is better at grabbing more light than small format digital or use medium or large format film and use the zone system to compress the high values and bring in more "stops of light".

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