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Comment Re:China didn't announce losing control of Tiangon (Score 1) 275

No, the article says exactly that the Chinese have lost control over it. They are calculating that it will break up on re-entry, but they have no control over when it will break up. Having control means you could fire retro-rockets at the right time to have it come down over the ocean. There is nothing in your quote that says they have ANY control.

Comment Re:Reminds me of one engineer's maxim (Score 1) 501

In theory, the difference between practice and theory is due to practical considerations that theorists find it impractical to fit into their theories.

In practice, theory uses the practice of theorizing about practical matters, while not noticing that the theoretical method practically distorts the theory beyond application to practice.

Theoretically then, the practical facts are that theory is in practice good for predicting what happens in theory, but impractical as a theory with direct implications for practice, except where theory states that the practice is sufficiently close to the theory to make any difference, for all practical purposes, theoretically zero.

In practice this does not happen very often.

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