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Submission + - What is your definition of middle class (

yo-mama-man writes: x. Earning between minimum cost of living in your area and 2 x minimum cost of living

x. Earning between minimum cost of living in your area and capable of living solely off of investments.

x. Earning between that of the working class and upper class( upper = national top 1%).

x. Anyone earning more then minimum cost of living and less then the bosses at Wall street.

Comment Re:Juniper (Score 1) 322

I work for a telecom company and we used Cisco equipment almost excursively, but recently I must say that if we have to build a new service of network the Juniper equipment tends to come out on top in most of the suitability/TCO evaluations. From what we have heard Juniper is quickly becoming the PE or Edge router of choice, strange that juniper was not included in this poll. Cisco CRS still seems to be beating them in the backbone market thou.

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